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Changing Ground

Of course Deacon can't just leave it, and says that HE'S not the one who's been carried by the Wyatt/Jaymeses. That would be ass-kissing Teddy's job. Then Teddy gets pissed off and says that he didn't even ask Deacon to be there, and Rayna tries to diffuse the situation to no avail. The testosterone is really flying now, and so Deacon says that he isn't even voting for Teddy, and everyone in Nashville knows that Teddy is just a straw man for Lamar. Well, that much is true. There is a lot of insulting yet very honest statements in this terrible conversation! As things escalate and Rayna yells at everyone to shut up, Teddy asks Deacon if he's been drinking again. Then the two stare at each other for a while, and finally make out. Kidding! But that would really be a great twist. Rayna asks if they can please just get the show over with, and Teddy eventually walks out. This is what happens when you have an evil father and a ten-year long love triangle, I guess.

So, back at Juliette's, there are a large amount of people in crisis mode. The tease for the GMA interview is all over the internet, walkout included. When the label gets wind of this, says McKenna, they're toast. Juliette stares and watches everyone working hard before asking Glenn, "How bad?" Bad enough that she's losing tour sponsors, it turns out. For now, the tour is off. Juliette finally seems like she's getting an idea of how serious this is. But I have to say, why hasn't someone advised her to play up the drug addict mom bit? Everyone loves a good, dirty tragic upbringing, especially if it also involves being very poor. I mean, the pink macaroni I'd leave out, but growing up completely neglected by your parent whilst living in a trailer makes you a pretty marketable country artist.

Back at the fundraiser, Lamar butters up the crowd, introduces Teddy (at whom Peggy is making some serious eyes), and gives a very enthusiastic introduction for Rayna. And then Rayna comes out and sings a song that was written by none other than the wonderful Gillian Welch. It's called "Changing Ground," and is further evidence that this show is doing music right. Thank you, T Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller! So, several things are happening during this song -- the GROUND is CHANGING, if you will. Rayna is looking at Deacon, who is singing harmony, and Deacon is looking at Teddy. And not just looking, but staring. And not just staring, but staring-down. It makes me feel very uncomfortable, and I'm only watching it on TV. Meanwhile, Peggy makes more eyes at Teddy and motions for him to meet her outside. He shakes his head no. The other thing that's happening is that Connie Britton's voice is getting better, or they've figured out the right balance of Auto-Tune or something! Huzzah!

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