We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Moya docks at a Scarran way station; Sikozu's already there and probably Jenek's freighter, and John's dressed like a Peacekeeper. This whole trilogy has a lot going on, so there's a deft in medias res at the beginning of each episode: this one's about perfect, with a minimum of blah-blah, the second one requires you to be in the story immediately, and the last one is a crazy thing. It's cool, because the deal with episodic drama is always striking the balance, but the last, like, six episodes of the season are one headlong rampage, so they get to just drop us in the middle. Scorpius joins John, D'Argo, and Chi on Command and explains that Katratzi requires everybody to stop for five days of inspection and quarantine, and that without clearance they get blowed up immediately.

Chiana rests her chin easily on John's shoulder and murmurs, the voice still of John's innocence and hope, that they'll find Aeryn no matter what. Scorpius tells Pilot to allow the station personnel to board Moya, and to monitor them, and Pilot says, "I understand, Captain Wentrask." Chiana asks what that's about, and Scorpius says they have to operate under the assumption that the comms are being intercepted; Chiana protests that their comms are secure, and Scorpius and John share a very quick, very weird little face-off moment as John says, for the sake of argument, "Let's just pretend they aren't." If you've been following this idea, that Scorpius himself is tied intimately to the comms aboard Moya, it's kind of queasy. I think Scorpius is similarly creeped out by the fact that John just tipped his hand as far as being aware of that fact. He can only admit to knowing this now that it doesn't matter, of course, but it's still so oogy with the frog/scorpion vibe.

A strange DRD with fins scoots around, past Scorpius, and a Charrid walks by with a rifle. A Kalish man who looks like a mad scientist approaches "Captain Wentrask" and introduces himself as "Dr. Trayso Talnell, Chief Medical Officer." Scorpius gets huffy about the inspection, and Talnell repeats that they have to be checked for "contraband and contaminants" before they can go on to Katratzi. Talnell pointedly notices John: "A Peacekeeper?" Scorpius congratulates Talnell on his perceptive abilities, and Talnell presses him for the backstory on how a high-placed Scarran official like Wentrask would have a PK buddy, and Scorpius tells him to eat a dick. "With due respect, Captain, you will either respond to my inquiries or you will be denied entry into Scarran space. Understood?" Scorpius gets closer and makes sure that he can hear him enunciating when he tells him again to eat a dick. "The Peacekeeper is a spy for the Scarrans. Also on board we have a Nebari and a Hynerian; they are spies as well. The Hierarchy will not look kindly on a Kalish who obstructs their delivery. Understood?" Talnell nods; John asks for a snack. Talnell directs them to the commons and warns him to lose his weapons. "Our sentinels are programmed to shoot and kill any armed visitors." John gives Winona to 1812 and asks him to keep her safe; 1812 burbles. John looks unhappy, but of course he can't come into this with Winona in hand.

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