We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Scorpius walks into the room and bitches at Jenek for torturing his Peacekeeper; Jenek finally lets John drop and tells Scorpius about how John was on the ship "attempting to recreate." I hate that everybody buys this. I hate Scarrans that are like, "Oh snap, you rape medical patients too?" John admits that this was the plan, and Scorpius begs Jenek's pardon: "I will deal with him." Jenek growls, but Scorpius gives him the glare and repeats himself. Jenek stares at his creepy ass for a sec and then motions everybody out of the room. John wiggles, getting over the heat breath and groaning, and Scorpius is like, "How did you avoid the heat probe? Was it Katoya's training?" John says no, it was the truth, kind of. If you're a nasty person like Jenek is. He pushes himself up onto his knees. "Aeryn's in there. We gotta get her out." Scorpius says, again, that "Sikozu is gathering information" for that stuff. It's a deliberate parallel, now twice in the episode: Let my girlfriend help us help your girlfriend, and also please stop acting like your girlfriend. "We will free Officer Sun." John grunts, puts his hands on Scorpius's shoulders to lift himself up. As usual.

Sikozu brings more films to Karohm, this time Dermafollica info from "the Rosrob Center." Karohm sexily frets that he hasn't gotten a response from the Diagnosians on Coldjen, and like, I'm sure they're great, but I don't like involving myself with Diagnosians if I can help it. He slaps the console and curses, frustrated. Sikozu suggests that he take a wee nap and she'll monitor the transmissions for him. He stares at her.

Noranti props Rygel up and gives him something to boost his antibodies and "cleanse him of the disease." Rygel obeys and chokes it down; Noranti worries that it's only good for Hynerians, which Rygel doesn't think is a problem. But because he's getting better at being a person, he corrects and elaborates: "I mean, uh...has anyone else contracted the sickness?" Not yet. "And they may not, but there's always a chance." Oh, it'll happen. You can't release a plague in the lion's den and not have some dead people at the end of the story, that would be bad storying. It also would lessen the impact of what she did to Rygel, which is one of the main cool things about the trilogy. As she works, Rygel suddenly falls back on the table with a moan; she lifts his hand and it drops, totally limp. She screams his name, suddenly terrified.

Chiana wanders into commons and notices the Kalish guy that she was flirting with at a table. For a sec I thought it was Karohm taking a nap, which would be so classy, but no, it's the other guy. "You with the big ship," she says, approaching, and he just coughs weakly. Closer inspection reveals a little bit of Dermafollica happening. Talnell notices this going on and drags Karohm into the commons, leaving Sikozu at the monitor. Chiana gets scared and stuttery, asking quietly and then loudly for a healer, and everybody bounces from the commons. The kid gags and starts drooling; she comforts him as well as she can as he seizes and gags. Of course Chiana's immune: the body is her territory and her strength. It's what makes her powers (and her story this season) so scary: intuition is the opposite of this, her natural place in the world. On the whole station, you can guarantee she'd be the only one besides the Scarrans that wouldn't catch it.

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