We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Rygel lies on his back, picking at his skin; Talnell informs Noranti that Mister Motion Of The Ocean is dead, and says Jenek wants her on his freighter. "No, no, no, no," she grumbles crazily. "I must find this remedy. He may come here if he chooses." Talnell insists. Elsewhere, Scorpius is again demanding that Captain Jenek give Noranti supplies for a cure. Jenek totally walks away. I would never advise turning your back on Scorpius, but then that goes without saying. "You must realize we have a common problem: we both have cargo that needs protecting." Talnell beckons Jenek and he leaves Scorpius to talk to him, tossing off an "I'll solve my own problems" as he goes. Scarrans are even dicks to each other! Scorpius sighs and sits down on a bench and thinks about how being a half-breed whose body is constantly in revolt against itself is not always fun and games because sometimes the horror of racism gets you in the chin when you least expect it.

Sikozu projects the freighter floor plan, in Moya's Command: "The Scarran freighter is not only docked to the station, but it is tied to its power grid as well. From station control, I can force a power surge that will disrupt the circuits of both the station and the freighter." D'Argo notes that means knocking out the lights, the alarms, and even the ugly Scarran DRDs with the fins, and Chiana asks how long -- how much time -- they'll have with the outage. Thirty seconds, before the emergency overrides activate. D'Argo: "Okay. Once we've rescued Aeryn, we've gotta get Moya off that station." Sikozu says she can probably get the docking locks bypassed too, and Chiana's like, "'Probably'?" So what was she doing with Karohm that whole time? Makin' out on him, if she's smart. John asks about the way station's parking stickers, and D'Argo nods. "Security beacons. We'll need some." Sikozu says if they rescue Aeryn -- and Chiana corrects her -- "Sorry, yes. When we rescue Aeryn, we simply starburst away from Scarran space." D'Argo worries about if they end up starbursting deeper into Scarran space, John worries about what if the freighter takes off with Aeryn. Sikozu says in the latter case, "we abandon all hope." And John corrects her this time: "...We abandon all hope of leading long and prosperous lives, and we follow the freighter." Sikozu sighs, and John jokes that she's still learning how we do things.

He and D'Argo take off, but so far here's how we do things: unleash plagues on innocents, run around lying all the time about everything, beat up people at random, and two weeks ago, "we" sold out the entire galaxy. And for why? For Aeryn. The way "we" do things is by self-describing our areas of responsibility and saying, "This is who I am prepared to save, and this is who is not my problem." There's a beautiful transition in the Buffy arc like this: at one point to save the world you kill a loved one, and then next time around you've reprioritized, and you're willing to kill your friends if they try to kill your loved one. I totally get it. It's actually a sign of maturing, that you realize there are these differing levels of responsibility, and that they are rooted in blood. It's a hard truth and one that is always impressive in these shows, to actually see it play out, whether it's right or wrong, so I approve of the viewpoint getting expressed whatever the actual morality of it. But Sikozu is a different kind of person, with different -- and equally or more valid -- concerns: she goes on sacrificing herself for her entire race. She'd burn Scorpius so fast for that, I think. And that's the Prisoner's Dilemma in different clothes, because it has to do with family, and what you do for family. And I see no reason, knowing Sikozu, that she should ever have to learn how "we" do things, because she's never been, or asked to be, part of the family. And that's the difference between her and Jool, and that's why she showed up after Jool was gone, because she's the Crais 2.0 of the Scarrans but she's also the Jool 2.0 of John's relationship with science and politics. (Not to mention being the Stark 2.0 of John's relationship with Scorpius himself, but we already talked about that.) Curiouser and curiouser and more complex all the time. This season is hard to do in your head.

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