We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Noranti backs up off Aeryn and gives Talnell her professional opinion, which is interestingly enough that they should not do what they are doing. Talnell points out the elephant in the room, which is Jenek eating their lunch in a second.

Scorpius explains to Jenek that Ahkna only wants Aeryn to try and get the "possible information" in John's head. "Now, my Peacekeeper defector can give you John Crichton himself. Which mission do you think is more vital?"

Sikozu unlocks the docking ports on Moya, Lo'La, and the transport pod she rode down in and starts on the power grid, as D'Argo pulls out the security beacons he's just located in a drawer. She gives him a gorgeous, just brilliant smile: impressed, conquered by the concept of teamwork. Noranti starts a speechlet about how "there are three lives here" and Talnell, scared for his own ass, finally interrupts her and shrieks: "Dr. Pralatong, I beg you!" And that's when the lights go out. "Showtime," John says, and heads out into the bay with his rifle and a lantern. Scorpius and Jenek look around and get growly in the darkness. The station PA goes all nasty-sounding Scarran stuff. There's emergency lighting near the Scarran freighter, of course, which makes it all the easier for John to kill a bunch of Charrids with his gun.

Talnell comms, demanding that Karohm tell him what's going on; a Charrid grabs Noranti and pulls her away from the doctor, and then John shoots him. Noranti hides behind a table; Talnell hides behind Aeryn, promising to slit her throat. John shines his light on Talnell's face; Noranti tells him to go for it. "He wouldn't dare: if the baby dies, Jenek'll burn him dead, so shoot." Talnell promises he's not screwing around, and John almost smiles at him: "Kalish are supposed to be smart. Who do you think I believe?" Talnell backs away from Aeryn with his hands in the air: "All right. Shoot me." And...John does. Talnell drags a bunch of shit with him to the floor; he's injured but not dead. John joins Aeryn as Noranti offers that he should have killed the bastard. "My body count's already too high." Like on weirdo Moya? You're so not off the hook for that yet. You'll be paying for that precisely one scene from now, though, at quite a high premium, so I'm not even going to worry about it. He looks down at her, so still; touches her face with his hand, in its PK glove. Noranti says this to John: "The release is over here. Ready?" Aw, dude. Not necessary. He looks away, then back at Aeryn, and tells her to do it, and she does. The rib spikes retract; Aeryn gasps.

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