We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Jenek's like, "I see by the fact that we're beating the shit out of each other that we are not on the same side," as he slams Scorpius face first into all manner of things, to the point where Scorpius barfs. "Who are you, and what is your mission?" Scorpius is like, "Shut up and hold my hair back, bitch!" and then he passes out.

Lo'La and Sikozu's pod follow Moya out into space. Sikozu docks and runs onto Command with D'Argo and Chiana, worried about Scorpius. Pilot tells her he's not gotten any comms or response from Scorpius, but whatever, and D'Argo's like, "Make sure you get my ship with the docking web, okay?" Sikozu asks them to worry about Scorpius for a second, and Chiana's awesome: "What about him?" Sikozu's like, "For starters? He might've been captured?" And Chiana looks at her blankly: "Or killed." D'Argo says that is a beautiful wish and tells Pilot to starburst ASAP. Sikozu goes "hell no" and starts off on a rant, so Chiana knocks her out with a fist to the face. Not the face! Pilot notifies them that starburst is imminent as Sikozu drops. Chiana looks down at her, totally irritated: "Why doesn't she ever listen?"

Not actually that easy. John lays Aeryn gently down in his quarters; as he reaches for a blanket, she starts to jerk and shudder and struggle, trying to get away from him. "It's all right. Aeryn! It's all right." She gapes at him, wild. "You're here," he nods, and she holds herself there, completely still. He reaches down, to cover her legs, and she begins to weep with fear and relief and fear of that relief. "Is this real?" He smiles at her, tears not yet in his eyes: "It's real. You're on Moya." Aeryn stares at his face, tears on her cheeks. "You're safe," he says gently. She shudders and draws another long breath. "What about the baby?" He assures her that her baby is fine, caresses her hair. "Everything's gonna be okay," he whispers to her sweetly. "Sleep." She lies back slowly, still streaked with tears, and he strokes her forehead for a while before getting up. "Stay," she says. So quietly. He looks down, opens his mouth to speak, and then lowers himself to her side again. She reaches out, to touch his face. He turns, his mouth into her palm, and kisses it. He watches as she falls asleep, finally safe.

Noranti pulls some skin off Rygel's face, and that's the best you can hope for. She tells him he's looking a little less horrible, and he snits, "I'm fine, thanks for asking. You nearly killed me." She continues to minister to him, pulling off the dead skin. Because this is Farscape: there's always more underneath. "But I did kill others," she says, more emotional than usual. "By my actions, I have taken innocent lives." Rygel sighs, and there's weight to this: "Welcome to Moya." She is not happy about any of this, but this is the truth he can speak, and she knows it. Her respect for him is one of the best things on a long list of things that make Granny great. "In my time as Dominar, some of my actions resulted in the deaths of the undeserving. Even when the cause is just, it's a hard thing to accept." The dignity and regal strength with which he makes this admission -- less about his actions and more about who he really is, under all the BS -- are a high point of the season. "I must seek forgiveness," she says. "From the Divine Eternal." Rygel holds out his hand, haltingly. Tenderly. "I can't help you there, but I can extend you my forgiveness." This shilquin song he plays for her. She takes his hand gratefully and squeezes it. Welcome to Moya.

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