We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

But Harvey says something, muffled in the coffin, and John turns to the coffin: "What did you say?" He said, "Scorpius knows everything you know, John." John opens the coffin the hell back up. "Meaning what?" It's another new feature of the 2.0 version. "Scorpius can hear me...I've been sharing the contents of your head with him. Memories, thoughts, dreams...wormhole technology..." John calls him a liar and turns away. "...And eventually, they will torture the information out of him, and everything they all wanted to know about wormholes will be theirs. Courtesy of John Crichton." John looks away, hurting, and finally turns fast and slams the coffin shut again, screams at Harvey to leave him alone. The black-and-white film burns away before our eyes. All those horrors you allow.

John's eyes jerk open and he screams, twisting his head away. "No!" Aeryn reaches for him, calming him. "Hey..." She touches his chin. Begs him not to do this again. How many times can you live through that with somebody? If you live? The second he got her back, he... You know, it's Farscape. Even if you weren't thinking about weirdo Moya and the horrors he invoked, you had to know: they were happy. She was touching his hair. They were fucked. "Hey...it's all right," she whispers, begging with her hands. "You have to go back for Scorpius. Tell her, John, tell her! You must rescue Scorpius. Tell her!" But he stays quiet, shaking. Because he knows Harvey's right, and the price for disobedience.

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