We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Sikozu is sitting familiarly with a hottie Kalish in a gold jumpsuit, named Karohm. He looks like if the cast of Supernatural put on a little Velvet Goldmine and was also kind of lizardy. Everywhere you go on the station you can hear people talking outside your line of sight. As Sikozu waxes excitedly about his awesome job on the Scarran station, Chiana and Rygel chat about what a whore Sikozu is. She's being really cute and appealing right now; we've never seen her acting normal before. I like her so much. Chiana notes how hot Karohm is, and Rygel says something awesome: "Sikozu thinks with her head, not her kuzitza." Chiana agrees that this is a problem. She's really getting back to her roots these days; I like it. I like her being the galactic advocate for sex again. "We were smart to send her ahead," Rygel notes, since it's immediately clear that the Kalish are running the station. Scorpius puts his hands on the Muppet and fills us in on how the Kalish are a conquered species that serves the Scarran empire out of the need to survive. Just like the Charrids, only vastly less grody. Also with amazing H For Hero magic powers! Rygel notes that another word for "survival" is "collaboration."

Karohm fills us in on Sikozu's cover story, which isn't entirely untrue except for how her cover stories are matreshka-crazy: "Diplomatic missions throughout Tormented Space! You must lead an interesting life." She says she's tired of the "incessant travel" and that she envies his "stable position"; she somehow makes "stable position" sound like some kind of an esoteric sexual prowess. He reaches for her hand and says it's really just quite boring; she demurs. John circles them. Karohm offers to trade jobs, but really he's too pretty to be kissing Scorpius so I think they should stay where they're at. She's too pretty for it too, but she's also creepy enough for it, which Karohm is not. They are very cute together; she touches his nose and he says they'll meet up later.

Sikozu wanders to some vending machines on another wall, near John's plainly false insouciance. "Got anything to tell me?" he whispers, and she says the words: "Aeryn is here." Sikozu grabs her food from the machine and John nearly smiles, never looking at her. "Say that again." She does, clearly pleased as well, and he asks where. Aeryn is still in Jenek's freighter...which just finished quarantine and will be leaving in half an hour. Which coincidentally is how much episode is left. She walks away, never having looked at him, and he watches her go.

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