We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Aeryn's on her back on a gurney with more of those curled metal spikes, this time lining its sides, in a yellow bodysuit. Nurse injects her with some stuff that won't hurt the baby, she says, but will keep Aeryn docile. Aeryn nearly begins to cry as the Nurse chides her for not letting her "make things so much easier" for her. "If only you'd trust me." Aeryn watches her, silent and hateful, and closes her eyes as the drugs take hold.

WTF half an hour is how Chiana feels about things. John's like, so we are grabbing guns and kicking some doors in? But Scorpius, total downer that he is, points out how they would totally die in five seconds if they did that. Just because Aeryn's not here doesn't mean she gets to make the plan! John mentions that D'Argo and Noranti are hanging back in Lo'La, their "hole card," and again Scorpius is forced to pooh-pooh: "If D'Argo's ship attacked a Scarran freighter, a fleet of Scarran warships would instantly be dispatched after us." Not to mention, Rygel chimes in, how the Scarran freighter still has Aeryn for a hostage. "We have a far greater chance here than at any Scarran military base," says Scorpius, but like, we heard the name "Katratzi" so many times the last two episodes I actually got a tattoo of it on my ass so why are we fucking around? Rygel says he has an idea that involves binge-eating. So that should be gross. Chiana stands and alerts everybody as Captain Jenek enters the commons with an eye-patched Charrid; Jenek's grumbling that fifteen minutes is long enough for a snack, and they sit down. A woman nearby immediately clears out; John realizes this is the freighter captain Sikozu told them about before they got there. Scorpius looks at Jenek and then stands up, I'm sure for some impending bad-assery.

The station PA broadcasts something and the Charrid says something, and Jenek agrees with his assessment: "Many weaknesses." Jenek greets the approaching Scorpius and tells the Charrid to get lost. He does, snarling, and Jenek and the two baddies sit down for a chat. "Now listen carefully: my name is Captain Wentrask. My mission demands absolute secrecy. My proof code is zenark devra zenark prida." Jenek growls, recognizing a passcode for Intelligence (Ministry of Dissimilation), but laughs and says he's not interested in "spies and their intricate games." He introduces himself and says they should just stay out of each other's way; Scorpius agrees and leaves. Still, that was moderately bad-ass. Rygel, watching them, belches; Jenek's Charrid bitches about how Wentrask is a half-breed, and Jenek says to forget it and bounce.

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