We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Rygel lies under a shiny blanket in an observation room; Talnell and Jenek watch him carefully, along with Karohm the Kalish and Sikozu. Jenek is protesting loudly, of course, about being kept at the way station, and Talnell tries to get shirty with him and says it's the laws of the Scarran Hierarchy so whatever. Jenek stares at Rygel and asks if they're any evidence that the Dermafollica is trouble; he says not yet but that he's gotta err on the side of caution. "I'm unfamiliar with Hynerian Dermafollica," he admits, but says he's getting info from a medical database at Simstef -- which Karohm catches for him. Jenek watches and takes a Bird of Paradise blossom from a dish on Talnell's desk, biting it irritably. Jenek is so, so beautiful -- almost as lovely as the Emperor himself -- I don't remember seeing this many close-ups of him last week. "I've also sent out a request for all...doctors or healers with any knowledge of the disease," Karohm says, and the clearly wiggin' Talnell says it's not usual protocol, but this time it's a good idea. Jenek continues to eat blossoms, distractedly, and Karohm thanks Sikozu for suggesting the APB. She continues to be 100% adorable.

Chiana chats up another young Kalish in the commons, not as good-looking as the other one but clever and friendly. They laugh about how paranoid everybody's being about "a few germs," and how a stiff drink should kill anything anyway. They head for a table, giggling and flirting, as Noranti and D'Argo enter. Talnell appears and welcomes her; she introduces herself and D'Argo as "Utu-Noranti Pralatong, Alleviator and Healer" and her "personal assistant." She tells D'Argo to stay put while she checks on the Hynerian and D'Argo gives a grumpy but believable "Yes, Healer." Talnell's like, "A Luxan? Assistant?" And she says yes: "Luxans make fine pilots, exceptional bodyguards and superlative lovers." She laughs, he looks like he just got some Dermafollica of the barfer.

Scorpius is Wentrask of Scarran Intelligence, with his Nebari and Hynerian spies, one of whom is suddenly ailing from a dormant fake disease. John is a Peacekeeper and a Scarran spy. Sikozu is a diplomat. Noranti and D'Argo are a healer and her assistant. None of them know each other. Nobody's who they are. This is politics. The only person who's being herself is the one person who finally has given up shape-shifting, because she's too tired, and now all she's got is her anger and her despair.

As Noranti and Talnell enter the observation room, Karohm hands over the data from Simstef -- it's translucent and black like an x-ray, with a froggy little Visible Hynerian on it. Noranti shushes Rygel silently and he nods, lying back and groaning. "Apparently we've brought you here for nothing, Healer: this isn't Dermafollica at all." Noranti disagrees with him, saying it's too soon to tell. Talnell says Rygel's skin, per the Simstef info, should be sloughing by now. She takes the film and looks at it for awhile. "Yes, well. You see, Dermafollica is very difficult to diagnose. The bacteria that causes the virus is effectively undetectable." Her pretend professionalism is about as cagey as John leaning up against things like Jordan Catalano all episode. Talnell says that nonetheless, Rygel doesn't have a whole bunch of other symptoms, and gives it an hour before he lifts the lockdown. She runs off all crazy to manufacture some symptoms.

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