We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Inside the med bay, Noranti crushes some greens in her hand as Rygel moans, and of course she spits on them, because that's what they have in common. Being gross. Talnell kind of winces, but then, Talnell never saw her belly-dancing so his gross-out threshold is way high, comparatively. She confirms that Rygel really did once have Dermafollica, and he mentions that he barely survived, and four of his wives died. She holds out the Play-Doh-ish stuff she just got together, and when he refuses to eat it, she twists him by the earbrow. "Swallow." Talnell nods and smiles as Rygel gulps it down: "Was that absolutely essential?" She says it absolutely was, and he gets queasy with it. Mortification of the flesh: what you have is the higher self, the Zhaan 2.0, taking a lie and making it real. Rygel, the body -- everything's medical in this episode, even the things that don't seem to be, and everything medical in this episode means something else -- is getting put through a ringer here, because it's highest on the pyramid.

Chiana puts the screws to the young Kalish and asks if he wants to rock out. He's like, "It is getting late, maybe we should go somewhere." D'Argo stares at them; Chiana asks if he's got a suggestion. Noranti approaches D'Argo as he stares at them; I get worried. She tends to make bad calls, relationship-wise. There's some almost-double entendre about the guy's ship is not so big, maybe, but that's really less important than "speed and maneuverability," and they laugh, and they touch each other a whole lot. D'Argo approaches posthaste, calling her "Nebari girl," and scares the kid off easily. D'Argo sits, smiling, in the seat the kid just left. Chiana arranges herself so that their knees are touching, and as one they lean forward, touching foreheads. It's wonderful. D'Argo sighs and Chiana smiles. D'Argo lets her in that the whole Rygel scam is working and that he and Noranti knew to play along once they heard Sikozu's voice on Karohm's transmission. "Smart Luxan," she murmurs, so much more self-assured and lovely now that things are as they should be. They touch noses.

Rygel is sloughing, so Talnell keeps the lockdown in effect. Rygel looks gross, like he's covered in dry snot, and...it's a little-known discipline, skin-sloughing Muppets, but they've found themselves a savant at it. He looks totally gross and totally sick and totally real. Poor little fucker.

Noranti explains to Scorpius that Dermafollica can, in fact, infect non-Hynerians, and that it kills them without warning when it does. John says frell that, he's getting in an airlock, but Noranti says that it's well too late. "Everyone on this station or any vessels docked to it has already been exposed." Everybody looks at everybody else. Noranti says she will concoct a cure, but needs all kinds of supplies for her potions and spells and whatever. Whatever stuff we'll be seeing her spit on shortly. She asks Captain Jenek if he has anything on the freighter and he tells her nobody's getting on his ship. Wentrask offers the healer the use of his Leviathan's med facilities. Chiana and John stand up to escort her onto Moya, as ordered.

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