We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

"Nice job, Granny. You scammed 'em." Noranti says she couldn't scam Talnell, and Chiana's like, kind of, though, because he thinks Rygel's really sick; Noranti explains that she totally reactivated the Dermafollica in Rygel's system and that the lie is now completely true. John asks if she can deactivate it, and she says she hopes so. And if not, Chiana asks? Rygel dies. She keeps up a quick pace; John and Chiana stop and go whoa.

Back in the lab, Chiana's incensed. "Are you tekked? What are you trying to do, kill Rygel?" Noranti's pretty sure he won't die, because she's almost certain she can cure him. John's like, so is it contagious? And she says sometimes. They go around and around and she's just like, "Get out of my ass about it, I'm going to fix it." Chiana wigs about how she's infected everybody with "the frelling Hynerian plague," and Noranti spills the important fact that Nebari and Scarrans are both immune to the disease. Which leaves Charrids, Kalish, Norantis, and possibly John and Scorpius. And Aeryn. John freaks out and Chiana bitches at her, loud: "You'll kill Aeryn even before we get a chance to save her!" Noranti stares her right in the eyes: "Don't you say that! Don't you dare say that!" She promises once more that she will fix this, and explains that she's just doing what Rygel needed her to do for the plan: "You wanted a plague, I gave you one. Without real symptoms, the lockdown is lifted, Aeryn is on her way to the Scarran base and you are frelled. Now, I did what I had to do. I suggest you do the same." It's like watching the whole family do the Inanna thing as a single person: together they mortify the body to save the spirit.

Captain Jenek gets pushy with Talnell about how he has a patient he "must protect," and Talnell reminds him that his passenger has already been exposed, just like everybody, and Jenek complains -- rationally -- that the facilities on Katratzi are better and more likely to cure the disease. Talnell points out that this means exposing the base personnel, and Jenek reminds him it's not a problem: "Scarrans are immune to this disease." But, of course, the Kalish aren't. "I won't be held responsible for loosing a virus that could prove catastrophic to my own people. Your vessel isn't leaving, Captain." Jenek growls as Karohm informs them that Noranti's asking to take Rygel onboard Moya. "Easier to take tissue samples that way." Jenek starts to wig about taking him out of isolation, but Talnell's like, we've all been exposed, so it doesn't really matter. Just get him out of here.

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