We’re So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

Around the scenery, after the commercial, Stark gets us the backstory from Season One. "Oh! I've waited many cycles for this, Scorpius. Dreamed so many sleepless dreams. Every dashed hope, every plunge into terrified despair, that I suffered at your hands in the Aurora Chair." We even get a helpful flashback of him screaming this one time. The light continues to shine, Scorpius shooting spittle all over the place as Ahkna watches. There are visual clues to the fact that we're seeing a parallel reversal here. And yeah, every season ends with goodbyes, but also a trip into the Lion's Den. So there's a poetic necessity to get Scorpius into the Chair, even if it's a different chair, and I guess having Stark here is a good shorthand for that, but I was creeped out by it because it not only cheapens Stark's actual character into incomprehensibility, but also shits again on the Banik stykera, and also on Zhaan herself: this is not the man she loved, nor is this my Stark. Not even Scorpius would make him go this way. I was horrified! I went all Ahkna Hell No on this part! "But rather than the two cycles that fate gave you to screw with my soul, she's only given me two arns to be finished with you. So, I guess I better be a little more imaginative." A soldier enters as Scorpius screams and chokes; Ahkna tells the soldier this seems to be a good idea. Scorpius jerks and drools and screams.

Noranti drags Chiana by the hand to a vent in the wall, and makes her listen: "That's Scorpius." It's so low-tech, I love that. Like, we're going to engineer this whole race riot and do all this stuff and turn the lights on and off and all, but they end up actually locating Scorpius because Granny was walking down a hallway. That's awesome. Chiana sends Noranti off to tell Crichton, while she tries to find out more. Well, I guess Noranti was on "recon," so maybe it's not just a coincidence. Still funny, though. Noranti heads over to John and Aeryn's room (John and Aeryn's room!) and they discuss Scorpius further. Noranti worries that he'll break soon, and Aeryn allows the possibility that he might have already broken. John comms for Rygel, and is ignored -- Rygel's workin' the Charrids all about how they could be rich if they worked for him -- so finally D'Argo's like, "He's busy, John." John comms Sikozu in the control room, and she tells him it's all going to plan. "Plan's too slow. Speed things up, please." D'Argo and Sikozu, on both ends of the Riot That Isn't Yet, are doing their best. "I'll need some time," Sikozu says as she watches the Kalish, and Aeryn grumbles. "Why do we never have enough time?"

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