We’re So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

"I know you have a real nuclear device," she says, "but I'm sure you can disarm it." He groans, wiped: "I would, but I can't. So...I won't." Aeryn pulls but can't get free. "You're bluffing," Ahkna broken-records some more, and John grins as the beeping goes crazy. "So much for nuclear deterrence. Get ready to kiss your ass good-bye, Castro." She keeps him heat-breathed, the bomb going faster and faster and faster, about to blow...and then she lets him go. He falls on his face. Ahkna pronounces him insane, which: you think?, and tells the guards to let Aeryn go free. She grunts over to John and picks him up off the floor. She asks him if he's all right and calls him "mad." "Just played a game of chicken. Did I win?" She's not entirely convinced they're doing the right thing: "Just. This time." He groans that next time she can take the initiative, and she is so awesome: "Frell it." She decides to take the initiative immediately, and starts towards Scorpius. John grabs her, begging not to start the ruckus just yet. She breaks off, walks out of the torture room, and John follows, glaring at Ahkna. Scorpius drools spit, leaning forward in the torture device. So close!

Sikozu whines that they actually found him and then just left him there, but John assures her that it's just not time yet. "That's why we're here," he says, indicating the elevator. A couple of Charrids get out and John wishes them a good morning. He is brutally rebuffed. Sikozu hurries onto the elevator, Aeryn and John behind. "As long as this helps start the conflict," Aeryn says, and Sikozu's like, oh totally: "Might even get yourselves killed." She presses the controls and stuff and John smiles: "Then we'll all go together." He waves goodbye to Sikozu as the elevator doors shut. Alone in the corridor, she shakes her head: "Good luck."

John and Aeryn stare at each other in the elevator. "Give me your hand. Put it on my shoulder." He puts a hand on her waist: "Come here." She smiles, her hands in his. "All right, now stand on my feet." She laughs and groans, looking down at their feet together. "Comfortable?" he asks, and she smiles. He nods at her, and begins to waltz. "Hold tight." Aeryn laughs, looking up at him in wonder, and puts her head down on his shoulder, smiling quietly, as they dance in the silence.

Rygel smokes from the hookah with the Charrids, who are still doubting that, Kalish or not, the Scarrans would ever drop their partnership with the Charrids. Rygel draws on the pipe, then coughs and laughs; D'Argo asks what partnership. "You aren't their partners. You're nothing more than ill-paid, ill-treated," Rygel pauses and sniffs, "ill-smelling servants." One of the Charrids growls and pulls a knife on him; D'Argo quickly urges a rethink on that one, grabbing him.

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