We’re So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

Ahkna hurries up all, "We've been sabotaged! Or something similar, but not exactly! The Charrids and Kalish are fighting, unless it is all an elaborate ruse!" and Staleek immediately comms for them to secure John. Ahkna corrects him: "You mean Scorpius, right? That guy I keep torturing? He's the one we have to grab. I'm not even positive that John Crichton exists." Staleek's like, "Scorpius isn't going anywhere." (She's like, "Anywhere doesn't exist! But he might be going there! With wormhole knowledge!" Staleek offers her a fucking fistful of spikes from the snack bowl. "Please don't talk again until you've had a grip of Crystherium Utilia and gotten over your pissing match with reality.")

Aeryn and John hurry through a doorway, Scorpius supported between them. John tells Scorpius they've "got a taxi waiting," and says it's the first rule of Piss-Poor Planning, of which he is the grand master: "Have your exit ready before your entrance." Scorpius is like, you caused a race riot? And John smiles. "Pretty cool, huh?" Scorpius says he's impressed, and a Charrid steps in front of them with a rifle: "Remain where you are or I'll shoot. Release your weapons, now." Braca steps out of nowhere and shoots the Charrid with a sexy little smile, then disappears again. "Braca?" Scorpius gasps, and John grunts. "Yeah. Feel the love, Mr. Burns." They hurry on and Scorpius thinks, "Not with Sikozu around... Oh wait, she's a total freak! Perfect! Is this Christmas?"

Chiana pulls Noranti through the riot of soldiers, getting all kind of trampled, and yells, "Frell!" They run up to a Scarran soldier and Chiana dissembles with her usual complete lack of effort, which is always hilarious: "Hey, can you help us? We're...um, afraid." Heh. The Scarran tells them to back off, and then Noranti gives him some Granny Blow and he twirls about before falling on the floor. "It works!" Noranti nods at Chiana. Everybody's so busy! I don't know what's going on!

D'Argo pulls Sikozu through a fight, with Rygel Jazzin' it after them, begging John not to leave without them. I don't know if it's a joke or what. D'Argo shoves Sikozu at a Charrid: "Warrior, can you take this Kalish piece of trelk?" He looks at her, and D'Argo smashes his face and he goes down. D'Argo and Sikozu nod at each other: "Nice." Rygel hurrying them along, she offers to try it again, and he pushes her at another one. "Warrior. Could you take this Kalish piece of trelk?" They're so funny, and so weird.

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