We’re So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

Sikozu follows the young Kalish around the control room as he fusses and futzes. "You will submit identification details before we can process a background analysis," he says, and Sikozu tells him to shove it. "You can trust me as I am, or I am gone." She looks deeply into his eyes, and debuts her new power for this week. Only it's not a power so much as it is a really upsetting thing she can do: turn her left eyeball all the way around in its socket to reveal a golden cat's eye marble on the backside. He's startled, she flips it back around again: "Now ,what of your background?" He looks around shiftily, then does the same thing. She sighs, and leans forward, her forehead on his, so much more intimate than sex, and tells you she's home. "How many other bioloids are here?" He tells her he's the one resistance member to infiltrate the base, and she asks how much hatred is there between the Charrids and Kalish: "Even more than the outer worlds; there's more at stake. Bigger egos." She nods. "Then I will be straight with you: we want to ignite that hatred and we want to use it as a cover for our escape. Will you help us?"

First of all, he's cute but not Karohm cute. He's like if instead of Supernatural DNA you had Roswell DNA in there. Secondly: the hell? Third, or maybe 2A: Sikozu's a robot? How come nobody told me Sikozu was a robot? So just to keep this straight: She's a bioengineered being of a slave race who's working with an underground resistance to free the Kalish from Scarran control. And that's why all the powers. Also: she is awesome. Also as well? We haven't even begun to crack her cover stories. Or her hair issues. (Strega : John's Hair :: Jacob : Sikozu's Hair in the Peacekeeper Wars. If you haven't noticed that yet.)

John and Aeryn get scanned by a Scarran DRD; 1812 shoos it away at John's request. If the DRDs are Moya's immune system, 1812 is John's personal histamine bodyguard. "That's a good boy." Aeryn wonders if Grayza's figured it out yet -- "Don't think so, she still looks pretty damned stressed" -- and notes that High Command is going to break her open if she doesn't come home with a peace treaty. John's not really invested in that: "I reckon." Aeryn nods at Fat Man: "As long as your stress levels are all right." John says his stress level is manageable, especially "considering the fact that we're now nuclear terrorists." (Complete the thought!) He stands behind Aeryn, smells her hair. "Bomb seems to think I'm okay." "Provided that thing's working," Aeryn says, looking at his face and then down at his knob, which is now beginning to beep faster and louder, and also light up. John's sheepish: "It's working." They laugh quietly and he leans into her. It goes louder. John: "Uh oh. You are dangerous." She shoves him back playfully: "Well, you better keep away then."

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