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Jud The Stud

We see swords and bowls full of coins as the four approach their last challenge. Probst takes the necklace away from Jud while the other three desperately hope he doesn't get it back. Probst explains the challenge: contestants must balance a sword, blade end down, on yet another shield with one hand while using the other hand to stack coins on a small platform on top of the sword's handle. As the coin stack grows, it will become harder and harder to keep it from toppling over. This challenge kind of sucks for one reason: everything in it is variable between the players. The shields each contestant has to balance their swords on aren't identical, nor are the swords themselves or especially the coins, which are supposed to look like old doubloons. If one contestant's coins happen to be flatter than another's, then that's an unfair advantage. It's probably not going to make or break anything, but why do it in the first place? Just make everyone's items look exactly the same so it's not even an issue.

Anyway, the challenge begins as the contestants get their swords into position and put the first coin on the platform with no problems. The second coin also goes on without a hitch. "Looking good!" Probst says. He sounds especially creepy in this challenge. Anyway, by the time the third coin is on the stacks, it's clear that the coins' unevenness is going to make short work of this contest, since the stacks are already starting to slant. After a short stacking montage, Probst states the obvious that these coins are "not the coins you're used to" that would be "very easy to stack." Well, yeah, until the stack got high enough. Probst just doesn't want to wait that long. Several coins in, there's a scary moment when Jud's stack nearly falls, but he somehow manages to keep it together, though still leaning dangerously to one side. Fortunately for Jud, however, Probst says that he can fix and straighten up his stack during the five second period they get to place the next coin. Jud gets the next coin on the tower and stabilizes it at the same time.

A few coins later, though, one of Holly's coins slips and falls as she's getting ready to place another one on top of it. She's out, and pissed about it. Chase follows soon after, unable to keep his tower standing when he pulls his hand away after placing the next coin. And that means that their hopes rest on Sash. Uh oh. It's tough to say who has the edge here; both stacks look ready to go any minute. The suspense ramps up. Well, as much as it can, seeing as how we're watching coin stacks. And then ... Sash takes too long figuring out where to place his next coin and runs out of time, forcing him to have to pretty much drop it on the stack. It collapses, and Jud wins again! He's pretty happy about this, because he must know that he not only just won immunity, but also a million dollars. And he doesn't have to pretend to be nice to the other alliance anymore, so I think he should just start telling them to suck it as Probst puts the necklace on one last time. Jud's shit-eating grin leads the way back to camp.

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