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Jud The Stud

"I'm loving this, man!" Jud tells us as the four return to camp and the ass-kissing begins; "I get to come back to camp and watch the three of 'em try to plead their case for why I should take them to the Final Three." I never understand why the person who wins immunity before a Final Three Tribal thinks he gets to make the decision on who to vote out. If he decided to vote for Sash and Chase and Sash wanted to vote for Holly, then it would either be a tie between Sash and Holly or, if Holly didn't realize what was going on and voted for Chase, then Holly would be going home. And it's not too far-fetched to say that Holly wouldn't know what was going on, as she immediately decides to head out to fetch some water with a reluctant Chase, thus leaving Sash behind with Jud. Gee, I wonder what they'll talk about? Is Holly nuts? Or does she think that Sash would rather keep her and vote Chase out and that's what he'll be talking to Jud about? Or maybe she's just going to double back and hide behind some nearby bushes to listen in on what Sash and Jud are saying when they think no one else is around?

"Holly has to be nervous," Sash says with a big confident grin. "Yeah, I guess," Jud shrugs, playing this perfectly; "I haven't made up my mind." Sash tries to keep that fake smile plastered on his face, but it's not easy. He interviews that Jud's immunity wins are a "big disaster" for his alliance and he'll do whatever he has to in order to convince Jud to keep him. He tells Jud that he'll vote for whoever Jud wants him to, then goes over the jury and who they are most likely to vote for. While Jud tries to suppress a huge grin, Sash comes up with several votes for Chase, including one from Holly if she goes tonight. Sash says they might need to vote Chase out tonight. "It's out of Chase's hands right now," Jud says, suddenly very, very confident and sure of himself. You get the sense that he knows exactly what he's doing, and may have this entire time.

Sash asks what Jud's deal is, and Jud says he's wondering if, had he lost today, Sash, Chase, and Holly would have voted him out. Immediately, Sash says that he would have taken Jud to the Final Three with him, because "you're my best friend in the game and I guarantee, I promise you, I've never said that to anyone else here." And that is, of course, bullshit, and it sounds like bullshit because Sash, for how smart and slick he thinks he is, is so transparent. Jud is not fooled. In fact, he's desperately trying to keep himself from laughing in Sash's face. There's one great shot of them sitting in the shelter. Sash looks away, and Jud steals a look at him and smirks, then turns away, shaking his head.

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