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Jud The Stud

That praying mantis has got to be full by now, since we've seen it eating that same bug almost as many times as we've seen the mother whale and whale baby. But never as many times as we saw that yellow snake. Chase gets a moment alone with Jud and asks him what he and Sash talked about. Jud answers quite honestly and gleefully that Sash was trying to make a case to vote Chase out, since he would get a lot of jury votes. Chase interviews that he's pissed off that Sash would go behind his back like that and actually try to, you know, play the game of Survivor. He says he and Sash promised that they wouldn't go after each other, although I have a feeling Chase made that same promise to Holly and couldn't be expected to honor both promises, so if Sash hadn't turned against him, it was only a matter of time before Chase had to turn against Sash or Holly. But now he has an excuse to turn on Sash. Jud continues that Sash said that he doesn't know about Chase, but if he won today he would have taken Jud and Chase to the Final Three with him. "That's ridiculous!" Chase spits. He tells Jud that Sash always told him that it would be them and Holly in the end, not Jud. Jud says he had a "sneaking suspicion" that was the plan. That's like having a sneaking suspicion that the sun is going to rise tomorrow.

Jud interviews from the chair-shaped rock (or maybe that's a huge piece of driftwood? Or, most likely, they bought it at Pier 1 and had it shipped to the set) that he realizes now that Sash is a sleazeball who will tell anyone anything to further himself in the game and he hates that, but he also thinks it's hilarious that Sash doesn't realize that Jud sees right through him. He says that as soon as he told Chase all of this, Chase was all over selling Sash out. Thus, he concludes, his tribemates are like a bunch of roaches scurrying away from the light and throwing each other under the bus to do so. Whoa, there, Jud. Too many metaphors. Jud asks Chase if he would have taken Jud to the Final Three if he didn't have immunity, and Chase says no. Jud says he knew it.

Finally, Holly talks to Jud, albeit with Chase sitting nearby. She also says that she didn't want to go to the end with Jud, saying it's because she was in an alliance with Chase and Sash. Why doesn't she just say she didn't want to go to the end with Jud because she knew he'd clean up and get all the votes? Like we don't all already know that's what's going to happen now that Jud has immunity? Holly says that Sash played a "tremendous game" and the jury may well reward him for that if he's in the Final Three. "She has a pretty good point," Chase says. Jud nods, then interviews that, in the end, both Sash and Chase lied to him when they said they wanted to go to the Final Three with him, while Holly never made those promises. That's one reason why Jud would want to bring her to the end over one of his lying non-allies. But it's also a reason why Jud should get rid of her, because most likely the rest of jury (except for Jane) could say the same. Jud tells Holly and Chase that he's just trying to figure out who has relationships with jury members and could take votes away from Jud. As everyone gets ready to leave, Jud says that Holly "deserves" to be in the Final Three for the way she's played, but that could also mean that she "deserves" jury votes for the million. Good point.

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