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Jud The Stud

He walks with Sash, who says he thinks the biggest jury threats right now are Dan and Holly. Really? Dan? Sash makes it so easy to tell that he's full of it. Sash interviews that Jud may well win every immunity challenge from here on out so Sash is going to stay friendly with him and tell him what he wants to hear to keep him on his good side just in case. Sash tells Jud that he wants to go to the end with him and Chase and seems confident that Jud believes everything he's saying. Sash says he's going to make promises to everyone left on his tribe if it helps him stay in the game. And it might, but it's not going to help him win a million dollars. Sash takes a walk with Chase and says that Jud is panicking right now because he thinks he's next to go. "Which he is," Sash adds. Chase agrees that Jud has to lose immunity today so they can vote him out. And since they've both made that very clear, it's equally clear that Jud is going to win immunity.

The Final Five arrive at the challenge. Probst explains: there are three stations with questions about Nicaragua. Oh, great. It's a school challenge. At each station, contestants will then have to pick one of two answers as the correct one and grab a bag of puzzle pieces from it. If they answered wrong, the puzzle pieces will be all black and they'll have to go back and get the correct bag. Once they've answered all three questions correctly and retrieved all three bags, they must solve the puzzle, which is pretty easy since it's just the show logo. First person to do so wins immunity. Pretty simply challenge, if you ask me. Didn't the second-to-last challenge used to be some big awesome obstacle course? And the contestants had to do it blindfolded or upside down or something just to make it extra fun for us to watch? This is even lamer than Jeopardy. The challenge creators really did stop giving a shit five seasons ago.

Probst calls go and the contestants run for the first station and its question: "Nicaragua shares its northern border with?" Choices are Guatemala or Honduras. Everyone guesses Honduras, and everyone is correct. The second question: "the east coast of Nicaragua is also known as the?" Choices are "gold coast" or "mosquito coast." I thought both of those coasts were in Africa, so I have no idea. The contestants, however, have been eaten alive by mosquitoes for the past month plus, so most of them go with mosquito coast except for Jud, who guesses gold coast. When Holly, Sash, and Chase reveal that they have the puzzle pieces, we know Jud is screwed. Chase may not fare much better, though, as he unknowingly drops a piece on the ground. Well, he wasn't going to solve that puzzle anyway. Meanwhile, Jud sees his bag of black puzzle piece fail and tosses them on the ground angrily. Yeah, it must suck to know you probably just lost out on a million dollars on a question like that. The final question is an easy one: "in the early 16th century, these people claimed Nicaragua for Spain," and the choices are "conquistadors," which Probst has been talking about all freaking season, or "matadors," which is ridiculous.

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