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Jud The Stud

First he talks to Chase, asking if he really thinks Dan is a bigger threat than Holly. Chase says yes. Jud doesn't think anyone respects Dan or how he played (or, rather, didn't play) the game, but Chase is worried about the fact that no one is mad at Dan. He says he and Sash are more worried about Dan than Holly, then interviews that voting Dan out is an "easy decision" for him. As it turns out, though, he admits that he also thinks that Dan is less of a threat than Holly but just doesn't want to vote Holly out because he's so close to her and possibly also knows how bad things went when they voted Jane out and that Holly may well flip out similarly. Or worse. You never know with Holly! That's why she's so awesome.

Jud tells Dan that he's having a hard time convincing people to vote for Holly instead of Dan. Dan's solution is to convince Chase and Sash to vote for Holly. A rather exasperated Jud says he's trying to do that. Dan apparently has no desire to walk around trying to save himself, and does some slow, yet very simple, math to figure out that they only need one more vote to get rid of Holly, so Jud can try to win Sash over and forget about Chase. Dan interviews that Sash appears to be his last hope. He does not seem very happy about this, probably because I get the feeling that Dan just doesn't like Sash. Maybe it's because Dan is from Brooklyn and Sash lives in, like, another part of New York City? I don't know; in fact, I tend to forget where Dan is from when he's not mentioning it in every single interview so maybe he's not from Brooklyn after all. Or maybe he's from Brooklyn, CT? I wish he'd clear this up.

And so, Dan and Jud try to work on Sash, who says, so insincerely, that he'd love to go to the end with them. Dan says that's great, and all Sash has to do is vote for Holly. He points out that one good reason to keep him over Holly is that he's rich and everyone knows it. Holly, on the other hand, is a "little girl from North Dakota" with a "struggling farm" from a town with only 1,100 people in it. Why does that last thing matter? The smaller the town you're from, the more likely the jury is to vote for you to win money? Also, isn't Dan himself from a very small town? I can't remember! I think it's Brooklyn, Michigan? Their population is only 1,176 according to Wikipedia, so it's not like it's that much bigger than Holly's town. Also, I think he combined Holly and Jane together in his mind. Jane is from North Carolina. Holly is from South Dakota. And Jane has the struggling farm. I don't know if Holly has a farm or not, but her real job, we're supposed to believe, is as a swim coach. With that, Dan says he has said his piece and Sash and Jud will just have to do what they feel is right for them.

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