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Jud The Stud

Perhaps hoping to create some excitement, Probst turns to Holly and hopes she's in a crazy mood as he asks her if she's nervous about tonight since there were "a lot of fingers pointing at" her last time. Yeah, Probst's fingers, desperately trying to point Holly under the bus in a futile effort to save Jane. Why hasn't she yelled at Probst yet for that shit? Holly says she knows that Dan is going around trying to rally the others behind him and against Holly. "Why would that make sense?" Probst asks. Wait, so he's asking Holly to tell the other contestants why they should vote her out instead of Dan? Why does he hate Holly so much? She says Dan wants there to be four guys in the Final Four. Dan denies this, saying he wants Holly to be voted out tonight because she's a threat to win, and a much bigger one than he is. Holly asks how she can be a threat, and Dan says she's "the lady from South Dakota, 1,100 people in her town ... " while the jury laughs like they've probably heard these lines many times before. At least Dan got the state correct this time. And dropped the part about the farm. I guess someone (probably Chase) clued him in on that. Holly fails to see how any of this makes her a threat. Probst says of course Holly would say that and it doesn't matter whether or not she sees herself as a jury threat but whether or not everyone else does.

Probst asks Chase for his opinion, and Chase says you have to think all the time in this game and his mind is "always turning," as most of the jury know. Cut to Jane, scowling and wearing poorly applied eye makeup. Chase doesn't have much else to add, so Probst goes back to Holly and asks her to say why they should vote Dan out tonight instead of her. Holly says they have to think about whether or not Dan has played this game aggressively and talked to people and made alliances. He hasn't, so ... is she saying he should be voted out because of that? Because that seems like a reason not to vote him out. Probst actually points this out, because he hates Holly and wants her to go home. I thought he hated Dan, too, though, so I'm not sure why he's rallying so hard to keep him now.

Probst turns back to Jud and says tonight's vote is important, because if Jud votes for the "wrong" person, he could lose a million dollars. Oh, please. Jud has to know that whether or not he wins a million dollars depends on if he wins immunity. But he says it could be a million dollar decision and that, again, Holly is just as much of a threat as Dan, if not moreso. The women like her and her Tribal Council answers have been "pretty good." Except, you know, for the one where she basically gave them all the reasons why they should keep Dan over her. "That's a compliment to Holly. I think she's a pretty cool lady," Jud says, always trying to win a jury vote.

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