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Jud The Stud

Probst sends them off to vote with that. We don't see how anyone votes. Probst returns with the urn and the first vote is for Dan, who nods. There's a second vote for Dan. And then a vote for ... Chase. So Dan knew he was a goner and decided to throw a vote Chase's way to make a statement, much like how Jane tried to make a statement when she voted for Sash. Except that she didn't because they never actually read that vote out. Anyway, Dan gets a third vote and he's out. Holly didn't get any votes after all that, which she seems pretty happy about. Dan limps off through the graveyard and he's gone. Bye, Dan! I have no idea why they voted you out when you seemed like the perfect person to take to the end, but whatever! I'm sure you aren't bitter about it or anything.

Probst congratulates the Final Four and sends them off. Suddenly, we cut to Dan's farewell speech, in which he goes off on everyone except Jud. The guy who claimed that nothing bothers him is seriously pissed. He says he voted for Chase tonight just to show him how much he dislikes him. "I want nothing to do with you. Holly, you're a crook. You stole my shoes, they oughta cut your damn hands off. Sash, you're just like a whining little girl. [Humorous, if not exactly accurate, imitation of Sash's whining] And you're a liar! I wish them the worst and I can't wait to cast my vote." Wow! That came out of NOWHERE! Dan must have been secretly hating these people for the past 30-something days! Surely there were amazing interviews from him about these people! Why didn't we get to see them? This show is terrible.

While some kind of sloth thing watches from the night vision trees, the Final Four return to camp and congratulate each other. Or rather, Chase, Holly, and Sash congratulate each other while Jud stands around as an obvious outsider. Even he knows it, but still asks Sash and Chase if they're down with going to the Final Three with him should Holly not win immunity. Sash says absolutely. Chase doesn't say anything. Sash interviews that things are going well for him because he believes that no matter who wins immunity tomorrow, he or she will take Sash to the end because everyone promised him this. Apparently, Sash doesn't realize that other people are just as capable of making false Final Three promises as he is. He says if Jud loses the last immunity challenge, he will be voted out for sure because he's the biggest threat to Sash's jury domination.

The next day, Jud walks down to the beach, leaving Holly and Chase behind to plot and scheme. Or rather, to discuss how important it is that Jud not win today. It's very important, in case you didn't get that from the first 30 times it's been mentioned. Holly interviews that if Jud does win, it means they'll have to scramble and vote out someone from their alliance. "It'll be very interesting to see what happens," she says. I bet it won't be, though. Holly is already rallying to vote Sash out if Jud wins, saying he'd probably get a lot of votes from the jury. Chase seems to agree with her. Holly says she and Chase need to stick together and they fist-bump on this because Holly probably watches a lot of Deal or No Deal.

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