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Jud The Stud

But then! Jud and Chase take a walk on the beach and Jud asks if Chase is still down with a Final Three of Jud, Chase, and Sash. Chase says he definitely is. So basically, everyone has made a Final Three agreement with Jud except Holly. Whoops. Chase interviews that he doesn't like lying, but he has to stay on Jud's good side in case he wins immunity again. Chase and Jud return to camp with treemail, which comes with a stupid sword prop and a really long note. It doesn't have much to say despite its wordiness, just saying that they'll do the usual fallen comrades walk on their way to the last challenge. This calls for a group hug and then Holly interviewing about how important the boring, time-filler rites of passage walk is, especially since she'll have to represent for all of the old people, from Wendy Jo to Dan. "It is a huge responsibility," she says. No, it's not.

First up: Wendy Jo. "Whenever you looked at her, she glowed," Holly says. I think that's because Wendy Jo was only around only during those first three days when Holly was at her most insane, so she probably actually did think that Wendy Jo was glowing. Wendy Jo learned nothing from her ouster, saying that if she could play this game again, she would not keep quiet but tell everyone "how great I am." Yeah, that would have gotten her eliminated from the game even sooner than she already was. By Dan. And the machete. Shannon was the second contestant eliminated, and he sucks and he's an asshole, so no one has anything nice to say about him. Chase goes with "I'm sure outside this game, Shannon's an awesome guy." I doubt it. Shannon complains that his tribe was a bunch of "little kids" or whatever. Holly goes on and on about Jimmy Johnson and how he kept her in the game, and Jimmy Johnson reminds us for the last time (until the reunion show, I'm sure) that he has something to do with football, and this game was harder than that. Jud says that Jimmy T. was "one of the goofier characters" in this game, which is saying a lot since Jud is pretty goofy himself. Jimmy T. makes a variety of crazy man faces in his montage and talks about how he tried to control an uncontrollable game. I forgot how insane Jimmy T. was. Wow. This season could have been so awesome if they hadn't gotten rid of all the insanity before the tribe swap.

Ah, Tyrone. "Tyrone the fireman," is all Holly has to say about the guy, who says the need to be socially strong came sooner than he expected and he didn't adjust in time. The need to be socially strong is always there, from Day 1 to Day 39. Tyrone didn't realize that (and still doesn't, apparently), so that's why he was taken out so soon. Kelly B. is next, and we are reminded that she has one leg and did a lot with it. Except be interesting or memorable. Kelly B. says this show taught her that she had a thicker skin than she thought. I hope so, because otherwise those Naonka comments she didn't know about until the show actually aired probably hurt. Speaking of people who weren't interesting or memorable, there's Yve. And then we get Jill, who was so awesome for like two episodes and then basically turned into Yve. Except without the giant fake boobs. Jud says Jill was a great challenge competitor but didn't do much in her social game. True; it seems like as soon as Jill got screwed over in the tribe swap, she just rolled over and gave up. And then she apparently got really drunk, because she is slurring her words like crazy in her voiceover.

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