What Makes Sammy Run

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What Makes Sammy Run

The Palace. The shower has begun, and yes, Jane McPherson actually has friends her own age. They don't talk at all, 'cause God forbid these dorky middle-aged women should get paid for speaking roles, but it's nice to see that Jane has a life. The Lilmen and Brooke are hanging out by the kitchen stairs, trying to act casual. The Lilmen says that it's time to panic and assume that Sam is a man-vest. More references to Crime and Punishment and how if Raskolnikov had only held out long enough, he would have gotten away with his crime. Shut up already. Brooke has an idea about how to get through the shower without Jane realizing that Sam's not there. "Sam's a journalist, right?" asks Brooke. "Carmen is fat, right?" asks Gustave. "Does she tape her interviews?" asks Brooke, her eyes widening craftily.

San Francisco. Photo gallery office. Kelly shows Sam her most valued possession: a cheesy "art" photo of a mother and child, which, she helpfully explains, is entitled "Mother and Child." Kelly bought the photo at an auction but doesn't know who the artist is. Oooooh! Symbolism! "I guess you're always drawn to things that are a mystery to you." Kelly apologizes to Sam for lying to her. Sam urges Kelly to come back and reunite with Brooke, but Kelly explains that she can't. Due to her dysfunctional childhood and her unhappiness in her marriage, she found she was as awful to Brooke as her own mother was to her. She ran away so she wouldn't hurt her. Blah blah blah Alice Miller-cakes. Sam explains that running away has hurt Brooke anyway -- which is Sam-speak for "you're hurting me by running away because now Brooke is going to be my sister and I'll feel inadequate for the rest of my life because I have no perspective on anything." "Sounds like she really needs someone to help her," says Kelly, giving Sam a ray of hope. Kelly's husband enters. He's played by Ray Wise, Laura Palmer's father in Twin Peaks. Hooray for stunt casting. Kelly pretends that Sam is a student at Berkeley for the benefit of her husband, because he doesn't know about Kelly's past.

The strip club. The boys have Mr. McQueen blindfolded and have put headphones on him so he can't hear, making him unaware of where they are. The bouncer still won't let them in; he only told them to bring an adult because he didn't think they'd actually convince one of their parents to bring them. The boys implore Harrison to give an earnest speech to melt the bouncer's heart. I'd summarize the speech for you, but we've all seen Ferris Bueller already. The speech works, and the boys are allowed inside.

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