What The…?, Part I

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The Pecs Take A Powder

Jeff reminds Drake and Morgan of what's to come -- Drake will go to tribal council first, and then Morgan will go later. And after the two bootings, the Outcasts will hit the fire pit to decide who among them will go back into the tribes. Everyone heads out, with somewhat stunned faces all around. Awesome.

Commercials. My local channel ran a promo here for an upcoming news bit on tipping, which just made me angry. I hate tipping. I'll happily pay a little bit more for my IHOP pancakes if I don't have to try to guess how much I have to leave on the table to keep the waitress from spitting in my coffee.

At Morgan, the post-challenge atmosphere is tense and strange. Andrew gives an interview speech about how the game is frustrating and exciting and "a pain in the ass." Well, that's quite a coincidence, Andrew, if you get my drift. He then delivers a highly obnoxious monologue to the rest of Morgan about how the six Outcasts have no right to compete, and how they had no business coming back into the game. Oh, and he calls them "misfits." Andrew tries to make the team swear that they'll immediately vote off whoever gets sent into Morgan from the ghost tribe. His team gently reminds him that, actually, that person will be immune the first time they go up. He apparently missed this part of Jeff's speech, because the reminder bums him out all over again. Way to pay attention to the directions, there, Mr. Leadership. Ryan-O tries to console him by saying, "Doesn't matter, though. It'll be three on two. Bye-bye." Wait, how would it be three on two? If they lose a person in the one where the Morgan person is immune, then after that, it would be four people...does he mean that at that point it would be three on one? I don't understand Ryan-O's reasoning at all, and that pains me, because it makes me think we're less likely to get married. Andrew says that they need to strategize, because he doesn't want any of "those misfits" to get any sort of a foothold in Morgan. Given that there will only be one, there shouldn't be too much strategy needed if the five of them agree on that as their only goal, but...whatever, Andrew. Andrew continues getting snootier, saying that anybody who left Morgan was booted for "a damn good reason," so they have no right to be there: "Skinny Ryan's got no business stepping on this beach again." Hee. Die, jerk. "Lill, God bless her, she's got no business competing in those challenges." And that's another reason I liked the twist: there is literally nothing I like more on reality shows than the frustration of the arrogant, and that's exactly what's just happened to the generally overconfident Drakes as well as the specifically overconfident Andrew. I just love it when they put the screws to a jackass.

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