What The…?, Part I

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The Pecs Take A Powder

In an interview, Tijuana shows a certain sharpness by pointing out that Andrew was scrambling pretty hard to hold on to the control he has over the tribe. "I think that Andrew's very comfortable being the leader," she says carefully. "He's got the best seat in the house, and I think he wants to keep that." Amen, sister.

Back in the Morgan chat, Osten throws a wrench into the works by telling them that when they head to tribal council later, they should just vote him out. "Because I don't deserve to win," he says. He says that their bodies can last longer, but that his can take no more. He says he's out of gas and could barely move at the challenge, so they should just get rid of him. In an interview, he puts together the following fascinating chain of words: "My temple's got nothing to offer for me. I'm a bag of atrophy right now." Of course, atrophy comes from slacking, so...perhaps if he'd done more work, he'd be in better shape. He goes on to say rather amusingly that he always gives 110% -- and if he can't, then he's out. In other words, "If I can't give my all, I quit." It's really rather funny as a philosophy of life, if you think about it. He also says he doesn't care at all what anyone thinks of him -- which is clearly why he got that gym bod and went on television. "You can get in line to kiss my ass," he says. I'm sorry, but that's going to be a short line. He tells the tribe to just vote him off. "It's been a pleasure," he says. Weenie.

In an interview, Tijuana says that this time, unlike the last time Osten tried to quit, she had nothing to say to him and let him do whatever he was going to do. Yeah, she's totally not sleeping with him now. Andrew interviews that Osten wants out because he's "shut down," but points out that he himself would never quit, no matter the conditions. Osten stares out at the water, thinking that maybe he should swim somewhere, and then he remembers that he'd just quit halfway there anyway, so why bother?

Back at Drake, there' a very colorful crab running around who looks like he might be the star of a new animated movie or something, but once the tribe returns, their post-mortem isn't much happier than Morgan's. Sandra interviews that she wasn't happy to see the ghosts, particularly with Burton as their leader. She knows he's strong, and she knows he'll have the Outcasts all bubbling over with righteous indignation. Christa asks everyone who they think will come back, and Sandra says it'll be Burton and Lill. Jon tells her he thinks it'll be Michelle and Lill. Michelle? Why would that happen?

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