What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

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Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

Quinn turns up to the station and finds Deb sprawled out, mostly unconscious, in the waiting area, although she's not confined in any way. He sits with her and without opening her eyes, she confesses it's like a truck hit her. Imagine how the parking meter feels! After asking him to spare her a lecture, she tells him that they kept her out of the drunk tank but she's still waiting to be booked, so Quinn heads off to see if he can intercede on her behalf. It's a nice thought, Quinn, but you of all people should know this isn't really going to help.

In daylight, Dexter returns to Sussman's cabin, as MM has tracked the location down and discovered his corpse. What they do not realize -- but Dexter does -- is that the crime scene has been restaged. Instead of the back of Sussman's head being jammed up on a hook (due to the dim light, I mistakenly thought he was dangling from a noose), he's lying face down in the garage, a gunshot wound obscuring any other trauma. Rolling the corpse over, Dexter notes that its front teeth are broken, so he tells the group that Sussman must have put a nearby shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, which also explains the brain fragments so appetizingly splattered around a certain area of the room. If only Galuzzo were here. It's not clear whether the available evidence completely supports Dexter's analysis or if he's merely covering for his own purposes, but everyone seems convinced that Sussman was The Brain Surgeon, with Angie speculating that the guy must have found his conscience and killed himself as a result. After DVO notes that the Brain Surgeon clearly wants the cops off the case, Dexter asks if Vogel has arrived yet, and Batista tells him he just called her before asking where the hell Quinn is…

…but the answer, of course, is "driving his downward-spiral ex-fiancée to work." Hey, we've all been there. He suggests that maybe stopping by her place so she can shower instead of going straight to work might be an act of humanitarian mercy (I'm paraphrasing), but she tells him she keeps deodorant in her desk. Admirable! Now what's your plan for the hair? They arrive, and Deb thanks him for the ride, but when Quinn asks if he should be worried, Deb literally is like, "About what?" I mean, denial is one thing, but you were a cop for a long time, Deb. Surely your training should at least be prompting you to pay a bit of lip service to the fact that you were driving blackout drunk. When Quinn haltingly continues his inquiry, Deb scrolls down the Addict Pull-Down Menu to "You of all people," but Quinn is like, the very fact that I had a period of hopeless boozebaggery -- which was, by the way, thanks to you -- is precisely why I know that there must be a reason for you spinning out like this. Deb's façade momentarily crumbles, and it looks like she wants to unburden herself, but she's not ready for that so she mumbles something about not knowing her own limits. Elway then pulls up near them, so she peaces out -- to Quinn's chagrin. Holding the building door for her, Elway suggests she "straighten up," as they have a new client coming in at nine. He's got a point, because if it's only been a few hours since the cop found her there is no way she's even half-sober. Elway shoots a look Quinn's way before following Deb inside…

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