What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

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Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

Of course, that's boring. So luckily we immediately cut to Vogel returning to Dexter's side and asking what's wrong. Dexter tells her about the DUI and how Deb is acting this way because of him. Vogel thinks it's a mistake for him to take on Deb's problems, but Dexter admits that Deb knows everything about him being a serial killer. Vogel is impressed at Dexter's depth of feeling here, but Dexter doesn't have time for analysis, so he drives off as Vogel stares thoughtfully after him. Does she even know Dexter has a kid? If not, I can't wait for that reaction shot.

Some blonde woman is in with Elway because she thinks her husband is having an affair, and Elway wraps things up by leading her to the door and telling her the most important thing is to find out the truth. They both then look at Deb, I guess expecting her to give that her seal of approval, but she only laughs and says she thinks the truth is overrated. Of course, I'm not sure why Elway thought Deb's presence here would be either necessary or helpful, but I still have to channel Pete Campbell on that one: NOT GREAT, Deb! When the woman's gone, Elway mildly notes "they" have to work on client-relations skills before giving her more of that "supplement formula," and once again, you'd think Deb's cop training would make her wary of drinking concoctions like this without being sure of the source, but I suppose her desperate desire to at least knock the edge off her hangover means a suspicious thought probably doesn't even enter her mind. Elway then sees that Dexter has arrived, and Deb's like, greeeeeat, but rises to lead him to her office. When they're safely inside, Dexter tells her he heard what happened, and Deb smiles a humorless smile: "Fucking Quinn." Well, Deb, maybe he'd have been a little less worried if you'd taken even like five percent responsibility for your actions? In that vein, she says the DUI was "not a big deal" before babbling about the adultery case in aid of showing how busy he is and how she needs him to leave. Dexter's basically like, have dinner with me or I'll keep showing up to your place of employment, so Deb sighs her agreement and Dexter tells her he'll pick her up at eight. She doesn't argue the driving arrangements, which I guess is a small amount of progress.

At Davis Metro, Dexter walks into a briefing that's already in progress to hear that they've officially ruled Sussman's death a suicide and that the Brain Surgeon case is closed. Matthews is like, great, I'll call "Evelyn" and thank her in a way yet to be determined, and then asks about the El Sapo shooting. As DVO notes, though, they have nothing at the moment, so right now he can focus on protecting Vogel…"and myself." And what about your son, Dexter? Is he going to shield himself by vomiting digested popsicles onto TBS? Dexter pulls up a profile on Galuzzo, who lives in Miami and apparently sells fitness equipment at a mall, so as Batista calls the meeting to an end, Dexter heads out in that direction. Unfortunately, we have to stay behind to hear Batista recommend Quinn to Matthews, and Matthews is like, not in a million years -- he's irresponsible and unpredictable, "not to mention unintelligible." Hee. Batista assures him Quinn will pass, but Matthews ends the discussion with an "If you say so" pat on Batista's shoulder, and Batista looks out at the oblivious Quinn with a worried expression. If you two would just get married, Batista, Quinn could be on your pension.

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