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Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

Jamie is cooking as her brother does test prep with her boyfriend, and when Quinn predictably biffs a question, Batista exasperatedly breathes that he's "a fucking lost cause." Jamie mildly defends Quinn, but when she says he's tired from being called out in the middle of the night on that case, Batista impatiently asks, "What case?" In Quinn's very small defense, he never actually said "case," but his spot is still very much blown up --- solid work, Batista, especially since you knew Quinn had something he didn't want to discuss -- so Batista wastes no time taking his plate and heading for minimum safe distance. Jamie's actually more sad than angry, but her question of what she's supposed to think when he's seeing Deb and lying about it is obviously valid, and Quinn's reply that he didn't tell her because he didn't think she'd understand makes me think he and Deb are actually a pretty good match. Jamie confirms that she does not, in fact, get it, and she dumps Quinn's plate in front of him before heading to her room. If I were Quinn, given that it's not even my house I probably would not be comfortable going ahead and eating, but I have the feeling that's not going to stop him.

In a large restaurant, Deb wonders what they're doing there before asking for a straight bourbon, but Dexter belays that order before pointing out a middle-aged man at a nearby table with his kids and asking if he looks familiar. Deb tells him no, so Dexter pulls up a video on his phone, which shows Deb apprehending an armed perp -- saving the guy in the restaurant's life in the process. Deb tells him that was a long time ago, but Dexter points out the guy again and tells Deb that his little girl would be fatherless if it weren't for her. He takes her hand as he tells her he knows she thinks she's a bad person, but that's not true, and it is affecting to see him try to reach her even if Vogel is probably right about the reasons he values Deb. Deb looks conflicted but moved, and eventually lets him in a little by admitting she's starving. They both laugh comfortably enough, but when Dexter's eyes are on his menu, Deb's smile fades.

Dexter observes Galuzzo departing for work, and I'm liking a lot of things about this season, but there has been a return, at times, to Season Six levels of filler -- there's not really much need for us to observe Dexter watching Galuzzo leave for work at all, but while using it as a quick interstitial is probably okay, spending nearly forty seconds on it is inexcusable no matter how much creepy music you play over it.

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