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…who's busy with Vogel trying to narrow down their remaining suspect list. Vogel suggests an "Arnold Gordon," who as a trauma surgeon "definitely has the right skill set" and also threatened to hurt her if she ever told anyone he's a psychopath. If Vogel is just casually mentioning him now, her enemies list must be longer than that of most politicians. Dexter's phone rings, and Quinn rapidly explains what's happened; thinking fast, once he's off the line, Dexter tells Vogel he needs her to accompany him to the station, as something has happened…

…and in the car, whether just now or earlier, it becomes apparent that Dexter has told Vogel about Deb killing LaGuerta, which beyond anything else shows the level of trust she's inspired in him in a short time. Honestly, that alone probably is another telling illustration of how Dexter isn't your average killer from a psychological point of view, now that I think of it. As he drives like a, well, psychopath, Dexter tells Vogel he can't believe Deb confessed, but Vogel makes the obvious assertion that the pressure of Deb's guilt caused her to do it. Dexter asks Vogel to help get Deb out of the situation by telling anyone who matters that Deb is having a breakdown, but Vogel wonders if he's sure: "This could be the best thing for her." She goes on to point out that his motives are primarily selfish once again, given that his fate is pretty inextricably tied to Deb's in this affair, and once again I must point out how strong this relationship is; Vogel is giving him sugar-free analysis without judgment, and as we'll see, it's effective. Of course, I'd probably wait on the uncomfortable revelations until my subject wasn't behind the wheel, but Florida driving laws seem pretty lax. Dexter protests that he loves Deb, but Vogel is unrelenting as she counters it's not the same as the way Deb loves him -- when she killed LaGuerta, it was an act of selflessness. "She sacrificed everything she believed in for you." Dexter doesn't have an answer to that, so Vogel goes on that Deb needs professional help, and there's nothing more he can do, but Dexter tells her he can't give up on Deb…

…who's still hard at work on her confession. With one eye on her, Quinn sees Dexter and Vogel arrive and rushes over to greet them. Dexter gives a cursory explanation about Vogel being a friend of the family, and Vogel smoothly launches into a most professorial opinion that Deb is suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt, which has the virtue of being true, if obviously not the whole story. Dexter has Quinn watch the hallway as he and Vogel enter, and Deb flips her shit, not paying Vogel any mind as she holds up her legal pad and shrieks that she's confessing anything. She charges Dexter and gets all up in his face -- whereupon he pulls out his trusty needle and jams it in her neck. As much as he claims to care about Deb, I have to think that was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. And as I said in the recaplet, Vogel pipes up, "That was interesting!" I CANNOT do justice to her delivery, but it features a combination of mild amusement and scientific curiosity that's so tickling I kind of want it as a ringtone. Dexter hands the needle off to Vogel, who adds to her worth by scooping Deb's confession off the floor before giving a reappearing Quinn a sunny "Nothing to see here!' smile, and given that we're almost at the end of the road with this show, I don't see why I can't start lobbying for a spin-off now. After explaining that Deb passed out, Dexter slings Deb over his shoulder as Vogel announces that they have to take her home to rest, so Quinn escorts them to the back stairs as Vogel assures him Deb will get through this. Dexter thanks Quinn again…

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