What’s Your Damage, Heather?

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Blood In/Blood Out/La-La-La

Boo: "Lean into it. How about we abandon one of the leads at a truck stop for a month and see if that works."
Michelle: "That's cool that we suddenly know each other, for no reason. And that you're interchangeable with Truly."
Boo: "That is a terrible thing to say to a person that looks up to you."

Nanette: "Boo! I forgot what day it is and what time it is and that you don't eat carbs!"
Boo: "Yeah, that's the Nanette Hat Trick. That, and your oddly voluble affect."
Nanette: "I brought you gross air-fried French fries, which much like a cupcake ATM probably do exist. Oh, and I left your brother at a supermarket again! Lalala, I do things!"
Boo: "Enjoy these gross fries, Michelle. I have to go become a ward of the state based on the fact that my mother grows more mentally ill with each appearance on this show."

A little girl goes screaming through the back of the scene once they're gone, twirling in the air, squealing like a maniac, tutu on her head like a headdress, and -- to be fair -- it is one of the most awesome things that has ever happened on this show. Way to end the act, Team Bunhead. I watched it like three times.

Michelle: "Should probably look into that."


Melanie: "Hey, has Sasha disappeared? That would be worrisome."
Ginny: "Nobody cares, Melanie. We all hate Sasha, Melanie. I hope her parents kicked her out."
Melanie: "Maybe she went to military school. I'd love to go to military school."
Ginny: "No."
Melanie: "You're right, I was thinking of summer camp. You know, like how a person might ever confuse those two things. Ever."
Ginny: "Well, our show has a lot of respect for continuity -- stripper pole's still there, for e.g. -- so I'll just point out that she stayed out all night and 'wrecked' her mom's car."
Melanie: "Her mom loves that car. It was in the Christmas card, the Dad was not."

Ginny: "I don't care about any of this, and also I'm going on a date with my gay boyfriend. I wonder what color his hair will be this time."
Melanie: "I don't. Maybe my personality is that I am gay."
Ginny: "They have a thing that sounds suspiciously like the movie truck that was actually a carnival. I think we're going to go there, to that thing."
Melanie: "That doesn't sound like you guys! It's so wild and romantic, going to a carnival. Are you guys on meth or something?"

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