What’s Your Damage, Heather?

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Blood In/Blood Out/La-La-La

Ginny: "Don't be silly, we're just a sham."
Melanie: "Just to reiterate, I am possibly in lesbian love with you. How sad that my one characteristic is maybe just made-up by accident and I actually still have zero."


Ginny: "Hey, bitch! Ready for some hot over-the-twinset action?"
Josh: "No, girl!"
Ginny: "I know, I just thought it would be funny to say that. So, we on for that carnival?"
Josh: "No, I can't make it to our date tonight because of my advanced gayness."
Melanie: "But what about your anniversary?"
Ginny: "My mom made us reservations at a restaurant that serves sushi, which I hate, but on the other hand they are in league against me, so..."
Melanie: "I wish it was our anniversary. I would take you to a carnival without our moms. And then we could live in a fantasy world of our own devising. And then we could kill our moms."
Ginny: "We'll see. I was planning on starting that crap in college, like most folks."

I am kind of in love with Ginny too. Her acting gets better every week; even that scene was cute. She's one to watch, y'all.


Gypsy: "I'm nuts and I wear a weird outfit when I dance."
Paradise: "We all dance tap-dance in this town!"
Michelle: "I am so tired by all this dancing!"
Gypsy: "Really? Well, that's retarded. You're a professional dancer and the rest of us are just quirky extras."

Continuity check! That leaky sink is back, and raining on the floor and upstairs in the changing room even! Wait, the leaky sink is on the roof? Silly stupid goddamn me for jumping the gun on that one. No, it's just raining out of a clear blue sky.

Michelle: "Fanny, stop being voicemail! I'm going to leave a message of bitching things you might bitch at me, in your voice, instead of solving absolutely anything, and then talk about how I'm wasting time while I'm wasting time. It's going to be hilarious."

Then she just stands there holding a paper towel roll in the middle of the air for no reason. No reason, that is, except for the fact that this show is actually written by a spiteful eight-year-old girl with no friends and no concept of human interaction or the way basic shit works and has always worked.

Truly: "Sparkles. I have no interest in helping you. Also Fanny Twittered and Facebooked and whatever. Let me know what happens with this random flood. I am part of this now."

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