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We All Live In A Nazi Submarine

As the MoG stroll through the lobby, Fred wobbles in her mom's high heels and asks what they used to do with their lives before Wolfram & Hart. Wesley says, "I seem to recall lots and lots of Jenga." The mindwipe gets weirder and weirder. Or is that what he remembers instead of the chess games? Heh: "Not chess, Ms. Morgan -- Jenga!" Cary says he's off to a client's party at SkyBar. Fred doesn't think that should count as work, but Cary sniffs, "It's all frat boys and television executives." He gets into the elevator while Gunn asks if Wesley wants to go over "the portal incantations from last Monday's Mithroc retreat." Wesley says, "We have enough work for one night; let's not worry about yesterday." What an odd line. I mean yeah, I think it's a little comment on the mindwipe, but I don't know what Wesley actually means.

The elevator arrives in the empty lobby. Lawson steps out, looking like a weird cross between Mark Harmon and Morden. The Morden part might just be the coat.

Credits. I was really dreading this episode. Not just from the WB promos -- which were particularly insane -- but way back when I'd just heard some vague spoilers, the "Angel fights Nazis in World War II" concept made every part of me cringe. It's just embarrassing and fanfic-ish. My mom and I were talking about it, and she agreed that World War I would have been more interesting. Then I figured that it had to be WW2 for the submarine, but five minutes of Googling has taught me that there were U-boats and other subs crossing the Atlantic in 1916. Isn't that neat? I learned stuff! So it seems like they just set it during WW2 so they could be particularly heavy-handed. Anyway, it turns out that the episode isn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. And yet it's still not very good.

Fred arrives in the lab and finds Lawson already there, even though she was already heading to the lab when he -- oh, whatever. Lawson is chuckling as he looks over some papers, and greets her by explaining that he used to have a head for numbers. He says, "It's funny how you lose part of your mind when you stop using it." Fred's nervous, and Lawson reassures her that he just wants to talk. He asks if she enjoys her work -- if she looks forward to it when she wakes up. Fred admits that she used to have some doubts about it as she starts to move past Lawson, and then he tells her not to run: "I'd have to stop you." He says that he wants to talk to Angel: "I was friends with him back in the day, back when he was in his patriotic phase."

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