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We All Live In A Nazi Submarine

Angel and Lawson find the Prince of Lies attacking the German prisoner and waving around some papers. The Prince hisses, "I am as ancient as the darkness itself!" Angel's expression is priceless as he says, "Yeah, you're real old, we know." The Prince goes on ranting about "violations on my temple," and moves threateningly toward the German. Angel tries to pull the Prince back, and gets knocked over for his trouble. Lawson starts shooting at the Prince, and the Prince knocks Lawson away and turns back toward the German. The Prince grabs the German by the neck and says, "I will suck the brain from your skull and digest your thoughts like a sour pudding." And then he gets dusted by Angel. Aw. I liked him. The German starts thanking Angel, and Angel punches him, which is kind of ungracious. From the doorway, Hodge gasps, "He stabbed him and he just exploded!" Lawson orders the crew back to their stations and picks up his gun while asking if Angel could explain. Angel finally says, "Vampire." Lawson admits that the explanation doesn't help, and wonders what the Prince was yapping about. Spicule materializes from nowhere and guesses that the papers have something to do with it. He holds the bundle of papers up and asks, "Anybody read Nazi?"

A short time later, Spicule is trying to interrogate the German. Angel thinks that this is a waste of time, but Spicule vamps out, and the German starts talking. In German. Lawson translates: "He says you're an idiot." Angel's surprised to learn that Lawson can speak German. Spicule says, "Well, gravy," which seems like an anachronistic expression, but it's so weird and out of place that it doesn't seem like they'd put it in the dialogue accidentally, so maybe it isn't. Spicule tells Lawson, "I'll menace; you talk." After some back and forth in German, Lawson tells the others that the papers are research. Lawson adds, "Something about stimulation and control. They've been experimenting on [vampires]. Cutting into their brains." Lawson guesses that the Nazis are trying to create a demon army, and tells the German, "Only you and your führer could come up with something this sick!" I can't tell -- is Lawson offended at the idea of experimenting on demons? That seems like an odd reaction to have at this point. Oh, maybe he's got psychic powers, or it's like a backwards version of The Philadelphia Experiment, and Lawson has traveled back in time to try to prevent the whole terrible Initiative story from happening on Buffy. Well, his intentions are good if that's the case.

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