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We All Live In A Nazi Submarine

Where were we? Oh yeah, "only you and your führer." Okay, so then the German laughs and says something which Babelfish translates as something like, "They're not the only ones, are they?" and Angel snaps "[Enough!]" which shuts the German up. Lawson suspiciously asks Angel if he knew about this. Angel says it was part of the mission. Now it's Spicule's turn to be suspicious, but a moment later he admiringly says, "Oh, I get it. You're playing both sides against each other." He's okay with that, but adds, "If the Yanks are in this stuff, too, I'm eatin' the lot of 'em." Lawson pulls his gun out, and Angel shoves Spicule against the bulkhead and says, "We need them, okay? I'm not getting trapped at the bottom of the sea!" Spicule retorts, "And I'm not getting experimented on by [Lawson's] government!" Well, hee, but retroactive foreshadowing is a little too easy to be impressive. Meanwhile, Lawson's having his own crisis of faith, as he insists that the U.S. wouldn't get involved in this. He says, "You don't win a war by doing whatever it takes. You win by doing what's right." I think he's supposed to be all noble and idealistic, but we've seen him yammer so much in the scenes at Wolfram & Hart that he just seems like a pompous bore. Angel says that they'll get the crew and the sub home, and then tells Spicule to burn the papers. Spicule is delighted that he can take part in even a tiny bit of mayhem, and lights up the papers and waves them around while singing "God Save the King" while the German protests. I sigh heavily at the sight of a vampire waving burning papers around until they singe his fingers. How exactly did he survive so long? Then the sub is rocked by a depth charge exploding nearby.

Lawson and Angel find Hodge, and then there's nautical talk. There are four destroyers above them. Lawson orders a fast dive, and then there's a lot of waiting and, after a long, long time, more explosions. And then, not to be too technical about it, the sub's all busted and won't go. Lawson goes off to fix it. More explosions, and then water rushes into the compartment as one of the sailors hilariously shouts, "We're taking on water!" I know, he's telling other people, but it does seem like he's in charge of stating the obvious. Angel drags Spicule along as he goes to secure the other compartment.

Lawson enters the engine room and starts working.

Angel uses his bionic strength to crush a leaking pipe while grunting, "Never...liked...the ocean." Okay, we get it. Stop. Spicule looks around and asks, "Where's Fritz?"

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