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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)
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Previously on Fringe, Olivia told Silver Nina they need her help, which Silver Nina seemed more than happy to provide; Michael the Junior Observer met the Fringe team in the alternate timeline; the current Fringe team tracked him down via the radio signal. Not that I was rooting for the setup to be any more complicated than this, but I have to admit I was hoping for a look at Seth Gabel, just because.

Back at the lab, Peter is examining the back of Michael's neck with a scanning device and concluding that not only does he not have the "tech," but, given his lack of scar tissue, he never did. I wouldn't necessarily jump to the conclusion that Observers heal in the same way humans do, but if I stop to point out every time something about or around the Observers doesn't make sense in this ep, it'll lower my pay per word past the point my pride can take. Walter tries to get Michael to sample some licorice, but Michael looks at it like it's a combination of lima beans, liver and feces, which would only be warranted if it were black licorice. Olivia and Peter both bring up important events from Michael's past in an effort to get some kind of reaction from him, but when all he does is sit impassively, Walter loses his patience and suggests they go into his mind like they did with September. Peter's like, remember how September was in a coma, and Walter replies that it's cool -- he can just put Michael down and then take readings with an electromagnetic probe! While we pump him full of acid! If this were a little game to get Michael to be like "Dude!" I'd be impressed, but no... it's just that Walter is still losing his humanity or whatever, which gives poor Astrid the chance to make concerned faces. Peter tells Walter to chill, at which point he stomps off in frustration, leaving Olivia free to point out that something's wrong -- it seems like Michael's empathic abilities are gone for some reason. Peter's blank stare is perhaps not the most auspicious response... let's go someplace that's more likely to have answers -- the Ministry of Science, in which Nina is examining a holographic representation of... something and while I don't know what it is, the hologram has a touch interface built into it, which means that I would like it now, please. Nina's phone rings and the blonde working the desk outside looks up, probably noting that it's her renegade boss' private line. Nina smiles when she hears Olivia's voice, but when she takes in the errand about which Olivia's calling, she gets a bit agitated, a point that's not lost on the blonde even though she can't hear the conversation. Nina in turn is hip to the blonde watching her and tells Olivia it's not safe for her to talk...

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