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X-Ray Boy speeds to the crypt, throws off the gate with a superhuman burst of something, and enters. He punches right through the cement lid. Couldn't he have just slid it off? What if he punched Lana in the gut? Lana's inside, her makeup looking remarkably lifelike. She sighs. X-Ray Boy carries her out of the crypt.

Ambulances and police are in the Kent neighborhood. Chloe comes up to Clark as Lana stands in the background. Chloe says that, as concerned as she is about X-Ray Boy, she's actually there to see Lana. Chloe is so playing the jealousy tip right now. She goes over to Lana and produces an audio cassette of Lana's mom's graduation speech. "Chloe, thank you," Lana says. "No problem," Chloe says with a marked lack of sarcasm, and walks off, her ugly red scarf hiding all the hickeys she wishes were there.

MamaKent and Bo Duke come up to Clark. Bo, dumb as a bag of nailed mice, says he doesn't understand why a girl would do such a thing as Shapeshifta' did. Clark does. You see, he used to be a Shapeshifta' Girl himself. No, not really. But he does understand what it's like to hide a gift you have and live with a secret identity. "You get jealous. You just want to be someone else," he says. Bo walks off, but MamaKent sticks around as Clark watches Jocko Whitney come up to Lana and hug her. Does Lana know about the shapeshifting? Because if not, I would think she'd still be pissed about all the things Shapeshifta' Jocko said about her parents. "You really like her, don't you?" MamaKent says, rubbing a special, imported sea salt into her son's wounds. Jocko and Lana go inside Lana's house, and Clark follows them with his gaze. He turns on the super-vision and sees through the door to watch them kiss. Poor, poor superpowered boy. "Mom, if you could see anything, what would you do?" Clark asks her. She briefly considers the dressing room at the La Bare Male Dancers club she frequents, but holds that in and says, "Learn to close my eyes." Clark smiles. They walk off. Garth Brooks must be around because I hear the thunder roll.

Later. A red shiny truck. Rain splatters on the hood. Lana sits inside ready to listen to the tape of her mother. She pops it in. The squeal of a microphone. A principal introduces valedictorian "Lara Potter." Although the closed captioning calls her "Lara Lang." Cheers. She says that every commencement speech has started the same way as hers does, but that the rest of her speech won't be reassuring. She says that she never made a difference, but that maybe her children will. How sad that your life is over at eighteen. She was a half-empty glass of gin kind of woman, I'm guessing. Lana almost starts to cry. A nice Shelby Lynne song plays as we pan out of the truck and onto a patented Smallville crane shot. We watch Lana as if from a very low part of Heaven. Fade to black. "What happened to you? I can't get to you," Shelby sings.

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