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The girl next door. Nasty Nell, wearing another tight top, announces to Lana that she has a visitor. I bet she's glad there were no "S"es in any of that, given her lisp. Shapeshifta' Girl walks over to Lana, who's doing some cleaning in a garage area and wearing her 3,443rd-favorite pink outfit. Lana asks why Shapeshifta' wasn't at school. Shapeshifta' says that her mother wasn't feeling well. Oh, tell the truth. She wasn't feeling anything at all. Shapeshifta' asks whether Lana got banished to the garage for quitting the cheerleading squad. Everybody seems to have this impression that Nasty Nell is this tyrant, but so far we've seen nothing but concerned-aunt sweetness from her. "At least now you have more time for your unpopular friends," Shapeshifta' Girl says out of nowhere. Emoting something like concern, Lana tells Shapeshifta' she's not unpopular. Lana asks what happened to that girl who didn't care what other people thought of her. She grew up to be Tori Amos. "She went to high school," Shapeshifta' answers. Lana says that at least Shapeshifta's mother doesn't try to run her life. Not anymore, at least. Again, evidence of Nell's brutish ways that we've never seen. Shapeshifta' says that if anything ever happened to her mother (cough, cough), she'd probably be shipped to a foster home because nobody gives a damn. "Thanks for that burst of cheer," Lana says with her Love The World smile. Shapeshifta' tells Lana that she has the perfect life. Lana says that Shapeshifta' can have it. Shapeshifta' says she'll settle for the outfit. Ew. Suddenly creepy music plays as Shapeshifta' stares at Lana. "Wouldn't it be cool if we were sisters?" she asks. She asks whether Nell would adopt her if anything happened to her (cough, cough) mother. Lana says nothing's going to happen. This coming from the girl whose parents were flattened by a stray meteor. One last intense stare at Lana from Shapeshifta'.

Clark is walking down the sidewalk in front of a movie house that interestingly doesn't list any movies on its marquee. However, there's a poster out front for The Lost Boys, and for that we must give props. X-Ray Boy is walking, walking, then BAM! He's got a headache this big, and it's got superpowers written all over it. He looks and sees people walking along, and now everything is in blue-ish X-Ray Vision. Weird swirling sound effects play. X-Ray Boy looks up and sees the same skeleton with greenish bits floating in the body as it opens a door and enters a building. Vision returns to normal just in time to see that it's Shapeshifta' Girl. MamaKent walks up behind X-Ray Boy and asks, "Did it happen again?" You mean you popping up out of nowhere like that? Yes, that happened again. X-Ray Boy says he's okay, and asks whether MamaKent needed to go to the antique store. Confrontation time!

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