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But they aren't the only ones with a Product Placement phone! Yes, they gave one to the 15 people on Redemption Island, too. And it also has videos of family members. Or, in Ralph's case, some guy. I guess it's a friend of his. He tells Ralph that his farm is doing well except that "a couple of the chickens got killed." Also, Ralph's friend is totally wearing a T-shirt with a picture of deer on it. Of course. Mike's mother stands in her stainless steel appliance-filled kitchen and says hello, and Mike interviews that this is the longest he's gone without speaking to someone in his family. Even when he was in Iraq he got to at least email them. Steve's brother almost starts crying in his video even though Steve has only been gone for 30 days and he's on Survivor, and not, like, beginning a 25-year jail sentence. I mean, I get it when the contestants get homesick and bawl about seeing family members because they are starving and tired and mentally and physically exhausted. But there's really no excuse for the people at home to sob over not seeing someone for just 30 days unless they're, like, children. And Steve's brother is a not a child. Lastly, we see Matt's brother. Like Matt, he is hot. Unlike Matt, he doesn't mention Jesus every third word. Matt interviews that he was so happy to see his brother that he falls off the camera frame. He says he'll do whatever he can in the Arena if a win means he gets to spend time with his brother. That's great, but he seems to be forgetting that there isn't a whole lot he can really do in that arena. I mean, it's shuffleboard. It's kind of hard to kick ass and take names at shuffleboard.

With that, the contestants arrive at the Arena. Once Probst is done touting the amazing features of their Product Placement phone, he says that the winner of the quadruel will indeed get to see his loved one. I'm sorry, but that sucks. Why should someone on Redemption Island get the opportunity to win a chance to see a loved one and not someone who is actually still in the game? I think you lose your chance to win rewards as soon as you've been voted out of this game. Also, the challenge they have to win to be able to see their loved one is really lame: they have to toss metal balls at four tiles. The first three contestants to break all of their tiles get to stay on Redemption Island. The loser leaves. And the first contestant to break his tiles gets to see his family member or farm friend. So this is pretty terrible, but I do have to say that I applaud the efforts of the challenge editor and producers in trying to make this look at all exciting in the little intro piece. The Redemption Island crowd is happy to have the chance to see a family member or farm friend, while the contestants who haven't been voted out yet look kind of bitter in the audience. Understandable.

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