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But all is not well on Redemption Island. Ralph is pissed off at Mike. He says he would have been okay with Mike choosing to see his mother instead of giving the prize to Ralph and Matt, but giving it to Onomatopoeia instead was obviously a selfish ploy to get their votes in the end. Well, yeah. Of course it was. That's kind of what you're supposed to do in this game. What game does Ralph actually think he's playing? Matt and Ralph agree that they never would have done anything nice for Onomatopoeia, especially after the way they treated them. Mike says that he asked God to help him win, and he felt like God was asking him to give his prize up to six assholes in return. You know what? Just for this, I hope there actually is an afterlife just so that when Matt and Mike get there, God can laugh in their faces about how they thought he gave a crap about that stupid game show they were on when right now, all over the world, there are millions of people suffering from so much worse and asking God for so much less. And then I want him to also tell Mike that he was telling him to screw the other contestants and spend time with his mom, so he doesn't know why Mike thought he was telling him to let Phillip see his sister or whatever. In an interview, Mike interviews that he wasn't trying to score any points with anyone with his decision, but simply to do what he thought was the right thing. By the way, all of the drama and resentment Mike's decision stirred up is totally wasted on Redemption Island and just goes to show what a mistake it was to take the Reward Challenges away from the show. We could and should have been seeing this kind of bitterness between the contestants who actually have the ability to vote each other out. Remember, just last season, when contestants had to pick other contestants to share in the rewards they won and that made other people bitter and sometimes caused alliances to change? And then this show was a lot more interesting and unpredictable? Well, we're not going to get any of that now, since Ralph and Matt can't vote Mike out, so any hard feelings they have about his decision don't matter. Meanwhile, the people who can vote other people out are enjoying an equal reward and have no reason whatsoever to be bitter amongst themselves or with anyone on Redemption Island because of it. Nothing has changed except that I now think Mike is kind of an idiot or maybe just needs reading material other than Krista's hot pink Bible.

The actual contestants, meanwhile, enjoy a drama-free day with their family members. And by "drama-free," I of course mean "so boring." Ashley shows her mother around camp while Phillip's sister tells Phillip how proud she and the rest of the family are of him. Yeah, that's great and all, but why aren't we seeing an interview with Phillip's sister where she tells us whether or not he is a Former Federal Agent? and what kind of Agent? he was? They don't even have a clip of her in the Secret Scenes on the CBS site, even though we get to meet everyone else's loved one on there. Andrea's creepy dad just wants to know how she keeps her hair looking so nice without any hair care products. Weirdo. Grant's brother-in-law says Grant's sister is sorry she couldn't be there and sends her love. And Natalie's depressed mother says she asked God to look over Natalie while she was on the show, saying this was the "one time" when she needed him the most. Wow, way to totally waste Natalie's one-time special God attention, Natalie's mom. Natalie interviews that this is the longest she's gone without seeing her mother, so this visit really boosted her spirits and gave her the strength to continue. Yes, it must take a lot out of you to sit around on the beach with Ashley and wait for Rob to tell you what to do. I can understand the need to recharges one's batteries after so much of that.

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