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Phillip, meanwhile, tells his sister that this is a "social game" and he's "prepared to go crazy if [he has] to" because "that's what works for [him]." Ah ha! When Phillip says things like that, I start to believe that he isn't totally insane after all and this is an act and Phillip is, in fact, fucking brilliant. And then he has to go and ruin it by putting his stupid feather headband on as Rob tells his sister that Phillip is "wacko" and "a nutjob" (RACIST!!) which makes him "the greatest goat ever" to take to the end. Rob's sister is just like "uh huh. Yeah. Right" while looking so bored. Rob says he's made agreements with everyone in this game, and if these people only talked to each other, they'd figure it out and vote him out. But he's pretty confident that they won't. He interviews emotionally that this is the best he's ever played this game, but it will mean nothing if he doesn't win at the end for his family. You know, unlike the rest of the contestants, who don't have families they want to win money for.

The next day, treemail arrives announcing the immunity challenge. Rob looks determined and interviews that he's not worried about this challenge being "too difficult." He tells Natalie and Ashley that the only thing they have to do is make sure that Andrea doesn't win. He then shows off his new shirt, courtesy of his sister, which has a picture of Amber and his daughter on it. He cut out the picture part and stuck it on the back of his tank top for symbolic purposes.

The contestants arrive at the challenge, where they are confronted by a very large set of stairs. Natalie and Ashley take one look at it and decide not to bother with this one. You can just see it on their faces that they have no intention of trying to win this particular challenge. Probst explains that each contestant will have a lane with three sets of missing steps. They will have to replace those steps with large puzzle piece planks. But they can only take one plank up at a time, and only one plank will fit each opening. Pick the wrong plank, and you've wasted that much more time and energy. Even if every plank you pick is the correct one, you're still doomed to make a lot of trips up and down these stairs. Oh, and it's 110 degrees outside. Basically, this has to be one of the cruelest and physically demanding challenges we've ever seen on this show. Probst says go, and the contestants run to release their first set of pieces. People move quickly in the beginning, since there aren't many stairs to climb at first, and Andrea takes an early lead as the first person to complete the first section. Rob and Grant are right behind her. Phillip and Natalie aren't even trying, really. Rob loses time when he picks the wrong board, giving Andrea more of a lead.

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