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But then, as Rob and Grant start to catch up, Andrea manages to pick the wrong plank and falls behind them. Grant and Rob finish the second set first. Andrea is still in it, though, and Grant makes another mistake as Rob and Andrea put their first planks of the third set in. Grant is wrong again, putting Rob and Andrea two steps ahead of him. Rob, meanwhile, is barely able to stand up. Climbing up and down the stairs in this heat is clearly taking its toll on him. "He is literally carrying his family on his back!" Probst cries. Shut up, Probst. It's just a picture of Rob's family on his back. It probably only weighs a few ounces. And maybe if Rob had kept himself hydrated before the challenge instead of spending his time attaching the picture to his clothes, he wouldn't be having such a hard time now. I mean, Andrea is only a few steps behind him and struggling too, but her body doesn't appear to be giving out like Rob's is.

Grant manages to come back and squeeze past Andrea, coming down for his second-to-last step as Rob makes his way back up with his. He puts it in, then starts back down for his final step. Grant and Andrea only have one step to go, too, but as long as Rob can physically get up the stairs, he will win. He might not be able to do that, though, as he is no longer able to stand upright. He gets the last step in and crawls up the final few steps to the top to win. There is no cheering or celebrations from anyone, though, as all the contestants are either half-dead (Rob, Grant, Andrea) or useless (Phillip, Ashley, Natalie). Rob moans a few times and collapses on the platform, complaining that his legs are "burning." Probst is concerned, for he loves Rob. Natalie, whose legs are just fine due to not being used a whole lot during this challenge, runs a canteen of water up to Rob while Probst asks if he needs medical to take a look at him. Rob says no, but he needs his teammates to help him stand up, as he cannot stand under his own power. You know Probst gets right in there, helping Rob to his feet. Rob says he's better, so Probst steps away, and then Rob wobbles and almost falls face-first down the entire staircase. He would almost deserve it if he had to leave the show due to injury after ruining the entire season like that. But then, suddenly, everyone manages to get back down to solid ground so Probst can give Rob his immunity necklace and touch his back and neck and shoulders some more.

As soon as the tribe returns to camp, it starts to rain. HA! That is such a fuck you rain after the 110 degree sun-filled challenge. Rob and the rest recover from the challenge, and he interviews that he really thought he might die after the challenge. But there are only seven more days left in the game, so he's willing to give his all. Even though he doesn't have to. It's not like anyone in his tribe is going to vote him out. They don't seem to have the desire or the ability to organize something like that. Rob continues that by winning immunity, not only does he know he's safe tonight, but there's also no one on his tribe that he can't vote for. "All my options are open," he says, as if anyone but Andrea is even close to leaving tonight. Sure enough, as Andrea stands away from the shelter and tosses her hair around, Rob quietly confirms with the others that they're voting for her. Natalie interviews the same, thereby contributing nothing. Andrea, meanwhile, thinks Phillip is being voted out tonight. Rob smiles that Andrea will never see her boot coming. "The lovers will be reunited," Grant says. And since Andrea has no idea this is coming, she won't be doing any scheming or strategizing to prevent it. What a pity. I was hoping things would pick up now that everyone on Zapato was gone, but apparently it's going to be just as obvious and predictable.

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