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But wait!! What's this? Phillip has decided to tear down the other half of the shelter without asking anyone else if that's okay! And it's not okay with Rob, who was saving that section for whoever returns from Redemption Island. "I don't want them sleeping next to me," he says. So, basically, whoever comes back from Redemption Island is going to sleep in the tarpless crappy shelter all by himself. How can you not root for these people when they do stuff like that? Phillip throws pieces of the crappy shelter into the fire, saying that the Redemption Island returnee can just rebuild the roof. That actually makes some sense to me, but Rob says that despite the fact that everyone is set on voting for Andrea, Phillip had to go and be Phillip and make things difficult. He starts lecturing Andrea on the proper way to behave around bees, saying she's moving too quickly and upsetting the bee flying around her head. Andrea says she's moving quickly because she doesn't want to be near the bee. Phillip then makes several quick movements in an attempt to kill the bee with a pillow. Grant mutters to Rob that Phillip is back to being Phillip again, and he doesn't like it.

Phillip, on the other hand, claims that his current behavior is part of his strategy. "Early on in the game I made myself the villain," he says; "so that everyone in my tribe feels that their best chance of winning against anybody is me." Once again, I have no idea what to think about this. Because yes, that would be a decent strategy and an easy way to win the $100,000 or however much is second place prize as long as you don't mind looking like an asshole on national television. But I don't know that that was Phillip's strategy from the beginning or even if it is now. Sure, he seems self-aware right now, but you know that in a few minutes, he's going to interview that he talked to his great-great-grandfather today or claim to be a Former Federal Agent? seemingly in complete seriousness. How can he be so self-aware about some things and so insane about other ones? I am truly baffled. Phillip says it's important that he periodically remind everyone what an asshole he is as part of his plan. He walks up to his tribe and yells at them for somehow managing to tangle up Zapato's fishing nets, rendering them useless. "You mangled my nets? I'm worried about your roof? The hell you say?" he says, then wanders off. Phillip continues in his interview that he's sure that Rob is counting on taking him to the end and easily beating him, but that, unbeknownst to Rob, Phillip has an "oral argument" that he believes no one else has thought of and will win the jury over.

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