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Grant and Rob talk privately. Grant confirms that they're voting for Andrea tonight, but Rob says he's starting to wonder if it isn't a better idea to vote Phillip out instead. He says he's never trusted Phillip, and interviews that, indeed, he's no longer sure that Phillip is his best bet to take to the end. On the plus side, Phillip sucks at challenges and everyone hates him. On the minus side, though, Rob wonders if Phillip is playing him, claiming that he's "pretty good with words" and "a good speaker." Good with words? This is the guy who can't pronounce anyone's name correctly. He said "frutile" last week. I mean, come on. Rob continues that Andrea is a "competitor" who could also beat him in front of a jury. And no one else is really going to weigh in on this or even pretend that they have any say in who is voted out tonight, so that's that.

The six contestants arrive at Tribal and the three-member jury is brought in. Probst begins by stating the obvious: it is now finally time for Onomatopoeia to vote one of its own members out. He asks Andrea if she's worried that it will be her leaving tonight, and she says that she is not, as she's confident in the relationships she has with her tribemates and her trust in them. Oops. Probst asks Natalie if Tribal Council feels different tonight. She says it does -- this time, it's "nerve-wracking" and "scary" and "not fun." Since when was Tribal Council fun? Shouldn't all Tribals be scary and nerve-wracking? These people are way too complacent. Probst then turns to Phillip, hoping for some excitement. He says Phillip once said that he knew he was the sixth man in his alliance and he was fine with it. Probst asks if Phillip still feels that way now that there are only six people left, and if perhaps that was why he didn't even pretend to try in the challenge today, to seem like a more appealing choice to take further in the game because of his challenge weakness. Phillip goes on the defense, saying it was really hot today and he's old, so he wasn't going to do well in this kind of challenge. But he's sure that the right kind of challenge will show off his strength and talents soon, just like how he rocked "the Army" when he enlisted at the age of 29 and was stronger than everyone else. Probst interrupts Phillip to say that he was trying to say that people might want to keep him around because he's so weak, so it would behoove him not to talk about what a physical threat he is. And then Probst turns to Andrea and starts talking to her before Phillip can respond to that, so I guess we aren't going to hear from the contestants tonight so much as watch Probst talk at them and us.

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