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He turns back to Andrea and asks her if her good showing in the challenge today might work against her now. Andrea says it could, but her tribe also needs to think about keeping the strongest people in to make sure that they can beat whoever returns from Redemption Island. That's a good point, and possibly why Grant is still in this game. Probst asks him if he is playing a "psychological game" with his former allies to convince them why they shouldn't vote him out. What kind of question is that? Of course that's what Grant is doing. That's what everyone is doing. That's what this game is ALL ABOUT. Grant says that he is, but he also knows that he is who he is, just like he knows who his tribemates are and who is truthful and who is "putting on a front." Meanwhile, Rob has been putting on a front with Grant this entire time that Grant doesn't seem to be aware of.

Everyone except Phillip is horrible and boring, so Probst has to go back to him and ask if he, based on his background in fake counter-intelligence, thinks that someone who is truthful and real can make it to the end of this game. Phillip says yes, putting himself forward as an example and saying that he's been truthful this entire game and hasn't broken any promises. He then says he's the "senior statesman" of his tribe and that he "leads by example" while everyone else tries to hold back laughter. "I'm a guy that you want to have around," he says. And I think he's being totally serious when he says this, but then he also just said in that interview that he's deliberately being a dick and unpleasant to everyone in order to make it to the end. Which is it, Phillip??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU. Probst asks for a show of hands on who is nervous about tonight's vote. No one raises his hand. Everyone thinks he's safe tonight. Obviously, one person is going to be surprised. And it doesn't seem to have occurred to anybody (except Rob, who has immunity and therefore doesn't have to worry about that tonight) that while you're sitting there assuming that someone else is about to be blindsided, you may very well be the person about to be blindsided. Rob tells Probst that he's happy he's immune tonight, and that if he wasn't, he would be nervous.

Probst can't help but try one last time to draw some crazy out of Phillip, asking him to leave them with a nugget of wisdom from his great-great-grandfather before the vote. Phillip says his great-great-grandfather would tell him to "hold the faith." You know what's boring? Faith-holding. They vote. Probst returns with the urn. There's one vote for Andrea and one for Phillip. Andrea gets a second vote and suddenly realizes that she should have tried a little harder to play this game. "Oh, my god," she mutters. "She got blindsided," David smirks from the jury seats. The rest of the votes are, of course, for Andrea. She keeps a smile on her face. "Tricky, tricky," is all she says to her tribe before her torch is snuffed and she's off to Redemption Island. In her post-boot interview, she says she's "a little bitter" because everyone in her tribe except Phillip lied to her and voted her out. Interesting. I guess Phillip could get a few votes in the end after all depending on how bitter the jury is this season. Andrea says it's tough to play this game with these people for so long and think you can trust them and have relationships with them and then find out they've been lying to you the entire time. Yes, I imagine that would be tough, but I don't know what else she expected to happen.

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