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We're Number One

On the plane to Nashville, an annoyed Juliette asks if anyone has seen her bean dip. Cut to Rayna looking at Liam, who is eating Juliette's bean dip. Juliette's assistant seems to be in on the whole thing, asking what bean dip looks like. The answer is, of course, "Like a can that has 'bean dip' on the side." Pink macaroni doesn't travel well, so this is the next best option. As Juliette searches for her delicious trailer snack, Liam brings up the subject of Calista Reeves, and Bucky notes that she's perhaps the most powerful label head in the industry. Rayna says that she has to do her next album with Edgehill, but it turns out that Calista wants Rayna's next five records, on the strength of what Rayna did with "Wrong Song." Juliette pipes in to remind everyone that she and Rayna co-wrote the song, and "co" means "two." The Rayna Jaymes corrections department tells her that "co" actually means "with," and Liam cracks up. Juliette wonders aloud why Rayna is on her plane, then reminds herself aloud that it's because Rayna can't afford her own. Rayna is mock-scandalized as she says that she's three feet away from Juliette and can actually hear her. This gives Juliette the perfect opportunity to complain that Liam and Rayna act like she doesn't even exist on stage, which gives Liam the perfect opportunity to note that they are, in fact, painfully aware of her existence. And, I mean, they COULD be a little nicer to Juliette given that they are sitting in her plane.

Juliette spies her bean dip being eaten by Liam and is incensed. She snatches it back as Glen wonders if everyone can just get along for a minute, especially given that they're heading back to Nashville for a party in their honor. Juliette's assistant pipes in to say that she thought they were going to MethMom's court hearing, and Juliette gives a terse, "Stop. Talking." Rayna and Liam crack up, which is a little mean given the court hearing situation, but also understandable given the fact that the assistant is dumber even than allowing an archnemesis to eat her boss's bean dip would indicate. Things then take a serious turn, as Bucky hands Rayna the latest issue of Tremolo magazine, with an article entitled, "The axe falls hard on guitarman Deacon Claybourne."

Cut to Deacon screaming at Carmen on the phone. And really, what a jerk she is. The article has a quote from Cy indicating that Deacon was fired. Deacon yells that he caught Cy mauling his niece, and gave no comment on the matter because he wanted Scarlett to have some privacy. Cy also apparently gave a quote about Deacon falling off the wagon, and Deacon asks if Carmen really believes that's true before yelling that he hasn't had a drink in 12 years, or 4420 days to be exact. He slams the phone down, and the big takeaway here is that you should never trust reporters, ESPECIALLY ones who will bang you. The mysterious Vince is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

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