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We're Number One

While the judge deliberates, Deacon gives Juliette shit for her "emotional" and "moving" speech. Juliette says that that was all she had to give, and notes that this is going to be an exhausting day. Deacon remembers that the big Edgehill party is tonight, and congratulates her. Juliette notes that he should be congratulating Rayna, since everyone seems to believe that she's the superhero who did this all herself while Juliette just held her cape. Deacon as always is team "Juliette has talent," which she appreciates, just as she appreciates him being at the court hearing. Her offer for Deacon to go on tour as her bandleader still stands, but he's planning to go off the grid for a while. Juliette is not accepting this answer, saying that he's too good to hole up and hide behind patchy facial hair. Their friendship is really sweet as long as they're not banging. Jolene and her lawyer emerge from the courtroom with the news that the plea deal didn't work. She'll have to finish rehab and then try to get the criminal charges dropped. Deacon notes that Jolene still has a free pass for the day, so they should go do something fun. Like smoke crack! Juliette begs out, saying that she has her big party. But Deacon is invited to that party, too, and has a plus one that he isn't using. Juliette is (quite reasonably) not thrilled about the prospect of her mother coming to the Edgehill party, where there will be copious alcohol and lots of opportunities for embarrassing gaffes. Jolene thinks she can handle it, or at least has to try being in the real world at some point. Juliette makes it clear that she won't be able to talk to or really even acknowledge her mother, but Deacon and his patchy facial hair volunteer to keep an eye on her.

Back in the studio, Bucky tells Rayna that the deal Calista is offering her is going to be hard for Edgehill to beat or even come close to. Rayna's tempted and admires the work of Countless Records, but something feels off to her. At the mention of potential sketchiness, Liam pipes in to say that Calista is a visionary and Rayna's a superstar, so what's the problem? The problem to Rayna is that it's all happening too fast. Of course this is the woman who has been talking about needing to let Deacon go for the past twelve years, so one might say she's a tad change resistant. Rayna also wasn't thrilled that Liam shared their unfinished tracks with Calista, but he was just trying to help. Liam tells her that if she wants to stay in something stale, old and boring, she should go for it since maybe that's "her thing." He suggests that she think of Edgehill like her marriage -- the only way to get through it is by fantasizing about someone else. As Liam leaves, Bucky gives Rayna a "WTF?" look, and she yells, "What?" even though she very well knows what.

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