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We're Number One

At Winter Fest, JT and Scarlett knock around the hacky sack and talk about how Avery's song is on the radio and he's the number one most requested. Scarlett laments the dearth of music karma for the good, talented guys of the world, which is rich coming from her. I'm surprised someone doesn't stroll by and offer her a five-record deal right now. Scarlett thinks that they should wrap Avery in a tarp and dump him in a river, but JT has other ideas -- namely, making Avery's Exes (hopefully with a better name) a reality. Scarlett doesn't want to bail on Gunnar, but JT says she doesn't have to - they need a singer, guitar player, and songs, so Scarlett and Gunnar are just the Buckingham/Nicks they need to put them over the top. (Minus the actual awesome qualities of Buckingham/Nicks OBVIOUSLY, and also minus the likelihood of anyone blowing coke up Scarlett's asshole while on tour. Though if that happened, it would make me like her a lot more.) Scarlett says she'll run it by Gunnar, and they toast to good karma.

Oh boy, and then Rayna goes to see Deacon. He is instantly kind of aggro as she approaches, calling her "The Great Rayna Jaymes" as he puts a "For Sale by Owner" sign in his front yard. Leave it to Deacon to not even get a real estate agent. When she asks what he's doing, Deacon says he's going to go to the "Wrong Song" party, then head to "the cabin" for a while. Or forever, as his "for sale" sign indicates. Deacon says that he just needs a change (in attitude!) and then surmises that Rayna has read the Tremolo article. He says, "Bunch of crap, right?" She replies, "That's what I said," before asking if he wants to talk about it. He says that Cy is a horse's ass and he quit the band, end of story. Rayna notes that it's an awfully short story before asking if Deacon's talked to Coleman lately. Though she is just looking out for him here, strategically it is a bad move since it gives Deacon an opening to give commentary on all the wrongs that Rayna's family have committed at Cole's expense.

Rayna is sort of contrite and timid about this whole interaction, and finally Deacon tells her to just ask what she wants to ask. She says that seeing Deacon like this scares the hell out of her, so she wants to make sure he's all right. You know, like friends do! She wants to make sure he's "doing his program" and "going to his meetings" and has the serenity to accept the things he cannot change and stuff. Deacon is then so mean as he tells her the good news is that it's not twelve years ago, so he's not her responsibility anymore. She tells him that she cares about him, and he sarcastically replies, "That's awesome." When asked why he's so angry with her, Deacon gets more frustrated as he says that every time he's turning around she's firing him, or breaking up with him, or telling him to go see what's around the next bend in the river and crap like that. Okay, POINT. But I would argue that it takes two to carry out a fully inscrutable conversation, and he kind of forced her hand with the firing.

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