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We're Number One

Rayna says all these things (aside from possibly the firing) were because she wants him to be happy, which again gives him the opening to say, "What, like you're happy...with Teddy?" She asks him not to do that, at which point he snickers and does MORE of that, asking if she ever found out if Teddy was cheating on her. He seems disappointed when the answer is no, then guesses that Rayna made the right choice in picking Teddy over him. And then Rayna calls him out for his inability to stay sober when they were together. Deacon says that all he knows is that she put him in rehab, and the next thing he knew, Rayna and Teddy were getting married. He also knows that she could have waited for him, and didn't. And...wait. Are you telling me that these people have had TWELVE YEARS to talk about this, during which they saw each other ALL THE TIME, and haven't hashed it out yet? Does anybody in Tennessee go to therapy? What about all the amends that Deacon had to make? Jeez. And on that same note...I'm assuming Maddie's twelve. So....he never even once counted backwards and had a "things that make you go hmmmmmm?" moment?

And then, heartbreak. Rayna asks Deacon how many times she had to go looking for him, or drag him out of hotel rooms because he was so wasted that she didn't know if he was drunk or dead. She didn't know that the fifth time in rehab was the one that was going to take. Plus there's the whole issue of what she isn't saying, which is that she was knocked up. Although I secretly think that the reason Rayna hasn't come clean to Deacon about potential paternity issues is because Maddie's father is neither Teddy nor Deacon, but Vince's ghost wearing a rubber gimp suit. Anyway, Deacon says that Rayna lost faith in him then, as she did now. And really, own up to the fact that you put her through some kind of hell, dude. Rayna counters that she never lost faith in Deacon, then or now. And he did get sober. But their non-inscrutable conversations are just as bad as their inscrutable ones, and make it so that Rayna can't "do this" (have conversations at all?) with Deacon. He says, "Then don't do it," and walks away. They're both wrong! They're both right! Ugh. It's really torture to watch, but in the best of ways. They have to get back together before the end of the season, just in case the show is cancelled, right? I may not survive otherwise.

Times are a bit lighter at the "Wrong Song" party, at least for Rayna, who amiably chats with a suit about how many number ones she's had. Juliette is less thrilled when she walks in and sees a giant promotional poster, on which Rayna is twice as big as she is. Oh how times have changed! A blogger asks Juliette if she was intimidated writing with the queen of country. Juliette was not. The blogger then surmises that it must have been great, and Juliette tells him that it was a thrill to see Rayna contribute a bridge to the song. Damn, girl! I would like to casually remind her that there wouldn't be a song if Rayna hadn't had the sense to come over to her house with a pen and paper. And I know, I am a complete Rayna apologist. It's the hair.

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